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Zack Sound Retires


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Even though I won't be recreating I want Zack to go out on my terms instead of playing two inactive seasons where he could end up some where scary (not Seattle), it might be a little selfish but that's how I'm doing it.


The VHL has been a great place to be for the past 6 years of my life and I will miss being apart of such a great community.


To anyone who has been apart of my time here thank you, you made it a blast and a real treat to come on here everyday.


A special thank you to any member of the Seattle Bears during the 24 seasons I was there, doesn't matter if you were there for a season or 10 you guys made the locker room the best.


good bye for now!



Greg Harbinson







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Greg, I'll always treasure the 20s when we yelled at each other a bunch and called one another fags.


See you in another life brotha.

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Best of luck with everything Greg. Thanks for making my comeback to the league so smooth and creating a fun and active lockerroom. Great GM, great guy, and the greatest Bear of all time (24 seasons being on the team will do that for ya ;))


Ya made Ditka proud Greg, ya made him proud! #DaBears

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