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Alexander Valiq Retires.


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It was a lot of fun, and even though I slowed down on tpe, I wanted to make sure he reached over 1,000.


One of my main goals with Valiq was be the first d man to win a Malone, but as close as I came, it just wasn't going to happen. Still though, here are some stats I'm proud of:

Continental Cup Champion,


Most goals in a regular season by a defenseman

1. 59 - Alexander Valiq (S31)

2. 56 - Alexander Valiq (S32)

3. 47 - Anton Ingberg (S10)

T4. 46 - Jochen Walser (S10)

T4. 46 - Alexander Valiq (S33)

T6. 45 - Peter Shikov (S1)

T6. 45 - Matt Bailey (S16)

8. 41 - Frans Spelman (S19)

9. 40 - Voittu Jannula (S18)

10. 39 - Alexander Valiq (S34)

I haven't compared the numbers yet but looking at the seasonal totals, its easy to assume I have a very hefty lead on career totals for goals by a defenseman.

I also hold the record for most powerplay goals in a season, by a player of any position, with 30.

my next guy is going to be an african american power forward that travels teams like jenkins and has high a fighting stat

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Amazing offensively.


Regardless of whether or not he makes the HOF, Alexander Valiq was a unique talent for defenders and probably the best ever at what he was supposed to do (score goals).


Good to hear you are sticking around.

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