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The Davos Problem


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     Davos is bad. Like really fucking bad. Like coming out of the VHL draft had 1 full line of VHL eligible players bad. Obviously this sticks Davos in the middle of a somewhat untimely rebuild. However, with a large quantity of picks in the S69 VHL draft, where do they stand for the future? 


Fernando Jokinen @Ahma - 17th Overall


     Jokinen is the first piece of the Davos puzzle added this draft. The 176 TPE puck moving defenseman is actively playing in Houston this season, and as a consistent enhanced welfare + PC/Trivia earner we can expect steady growth from the player. Jokinen truly came into his own at the end of last season, posting 13 points in 15 postseason games, and is poised to explode this season. Expect to see Jokinen up with the club as soon as next season, breaking into the top 4 easily. 


Blacker Velvet @Higgins - 19th Overall


     Shortly after Jokinen was selected a second defenseman falls into place in Blacker Velvet. Velvet is a true offensive defenseman, with a build that could pass as a forwards. His projected growth is all over the map, ranging from 14 point weeks to 2 point weeks. However, Higgins prominent role on the site promotes an expectation of steadier growth over time. at 154 TPE, Velvet may also crack the roster by S70.


Kevin Reegsman @Reegs - 24th Overall


     Reegsman is yet another defensive piece to the puzzle, and hopefully can find his way back to the star potential he once had. His growth has taken a hit recently, with no updates last week, but should he return to pace Reegsman had a rather sporadic growth pattern that normalized around 12 TPE a week, a high earning player and one that could shoot up to the top pairing with some consistency. Davos would have a steal if the 121 TPE defenseman returns to activity.


Milos Slavik @Frank - 25th Overall


     The first offensive player added to the squad, the passing winger has seen a similar fall off to Kevin Reegsman. At 117 TPE right now, Slavik likely wouldn't make the club until S71 in order to break the 250 VHLM cap, but with some steady development a winger with an emphasis on passing could become an integral part of the Davos squad. Slavik is exactly the player that could fill that gap.


Kristopher McDagg @Viperxhawks19 - 26th Overall


     McDagg has a heavy emphasis on playing a 2 way game, already hitting the 70 DF mark at only 100 TPE. As a semi-consistent welfare + PF earner, McDagg has a very good shot at making the roster in S71, especially if he picks up the consistency of his updating. With such a strong DF attribute, seeing McDagg start to develop his offence would do wonders for his game.


Boris Boris @Walter Fizz - 29th Overall


     With Davison entering his twilight years and Ross going inactive, Boris looks like a sure shot for the future franchise starter of the Dynamo. Already hitting 117 TPE and not slowing down, the goaltender has potential to become one of the greats. Very much a finesse goaltender, Boris' strengths come from his control, whether it be rebound control or movement, everything he does is smooth and calculated.


King Krull @LefLop - 31st Overall


     An interesting player, Krull is incredibly strong on the puck, whilst still developing his other skills. A pretty consistent 10 TPE a week player, Krull also benefits from a monthly affiliate check. He'll be a player to watch this season as he begins to truly develop into the defenseman Davos needs.


     The players taken after Krull are either too early in their careers to see what they aim for or have gone inactive, however the prospect pool they've pulled from the S69 draft sets them up fairly nicely for the future. Davos shouldn't expect to compete any time soon, but with a little patience expect a team of powerhouses.


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