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S69 VHFL Fantasy Group 12 [Complete]


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1. @fonziGG

2. @Esso2264


4. @DollarAndADream

5. @wcats

6. @JohnOQuinn

The above is the randomly assigned Draft Order. The draft is conducted in a snake order, meaning that round 2 is the reverse of round 1, etc. There is a time limit of 12-hours per pick, if the person ahead of you has not picked in their 12-hour slot, you may make your selection, and they can go any time after. If a member misses two straight picks, they will be DQ'd and have their team auto-drafted based with BPA based on last season's results. Once you have made your selection, tag the person following you.


Team @fonziGG

F - Julian Borwinn

F - Matthew Materazo

F - Phil Marleau

D - Piotr Jerwa

D - Lance Flowers

G - Kalis Kriketers


Team @Esso2264

F - Rauno Palo

F -  Acyd Burn

F - Mikko Aaltonen

D - Steve Legrande

D - Smitty

G - Michael Johnson



F - Kronos Bailey


F - Julius Freeman

D - Leph Twinger

D - Brady Stropko Jr.

G - Alexander Pepper


Team @DollarAndADream

F - Ryan Sullivan Jr.

F- Elias Dahlberg

F - Randoms

D - Diljodh Starload

D - Lincoln tate

G - Rayz Funk


Team @wcats

F - Jake Davis

F - Dan Willinsky

F - Jet Jaguar

D - Jerry Garcia

D - Luciano Valentino

G - Raymond Bernard


Team @JohnOQuinn DQ

F - Ryan Kastelic

F - Pat Svoboda

F - Micheal Gary Scott

D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

D - Cody Smith

G - Brick Wahl

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