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  1. 1. No comment, newbie here! 2. No, I think shoring up with primers as you draft great players is the proper move. It'll lead to great things. 3. Well, you certainly can't go wrong with two new, VHL-ready young stars like these two. It'll only be two or three seasons before you have a new top line. 4. You have to listen to VHL podcasts when you're going to, and all through your sleep for the next week. 5. ... what are his.. talents? 6. Uh... uhhhhh... I don't know our curretn captain or assistant, but i'd say Acyd or the player with the next highest leadership.
  2. Extra, extra! Vancouver bench warmer David O'Quinn has been traded for a bag of pucks! After promising to turn him into a 'star', the team made him wear a tiny little star on his head while being the official bench warmer! For the whole season, that poor [this line has been censored courtesy of our editors, thank us later]! We were going to tell you, 'The masses were asking 'what's next for the Canadian bench warmer?', but honestly, no one cares! The Canadian blueliner has been nothing but a wide-spread disappointment, picking up only 4 darn stinking points in the playoffs this year! What a shame, he seemed to have so much potential. At least, that's what my editor tells me. What, you think I watch this garbage sport? Grown men throwing hissy fits at eachother?! I'll have you know I frequent r/ihatesports ball, good sir or madam! and I am proud of it! (all satire, dont hurt me)
  3. 1. It's hard to say. One can always find blame in luck, but maybe sticking to the basics more would have helped. 2. Tee pee eee! 3. I'd like to see us go as far - or farther in the playoffs. Hell, the goal is the cup, but one has to temper their expectations. 5. I'd look to Stropko Jr. Good defensive stats, good offensive stats. 7. It seemed like defense and goaltending? But that could also be a lack of effective possesion. Im not really sure. 8. excusemoi?
  4. Wow. That sounds homo homo sapien.
  5. 1. With the TDL now behind us, were there any trades that caught you by surprise this season? My own! I guess thats the easy answer, but I had felt given up on (moslty) in New York, through no fault of their own, this trade not only surprised me but reinvigorated 4. What on-ice skill is your player most known for? Most likely passing. Dating back to my VHLM days, O'Quinn has just been an assist machine... just the way I like it. 5. Freeman got promoted to AGM! How do you feel about him being selected? He's knowledgable, hard working, he cares... what else need I say? 6. What are your expectations for the remainder of the season and do you think we can hold on to a playoff spot? Well, we're in 1st place... so yeah. 7. Which do you prefer to make for your Point Task? Graphics, Media Spots, or Podcasts? I prefer being on someone elses podcast 😜 but for original works, Media spots do it for me. 8. If it was an option, would you be interested in creating Videos as a method to earn TPE? I would totally edit together videos for fun to get TPE if I had the time or opportunity. But that's quite a time consuming task, not sure it'd be worth just 6 tpe.
  6. Some faithful day a year and 3 months ago, (yes i've been here that long), I was recruited to the league on one faithful night from the resident nerd, @Enorama (or atleast that's who got credit for recruiting me). To be fair, he took me from a rather obvious recruitment pool, an Eastside Hockey Manager league, which is a game built on a similar concept to the sim engine used by the VHL itself. I got into the league rather quickly, spurred on by the advent of being able to spread a *modified version of my grandfathers real hockey story, that which I was proud of. I didn't put too much work into it, and due to other things in life taking over, I went AWOL until the following September. But finally on the week ending the 15th of September, I truly joined the VHL, welcomed by one faithful since passed friend, Elmebeck. I was recruited into Saskatoon as that's where my previous, since retired player had gone, but this time I was sticking around. All it took was a friend, one guy to talk to every other day about anything, movies, hockey, the plans for the future of Saskatoon. His plans were pretty expansive, he wanted to change the name of the team once he took over control as the GM to the Saskatoon whitetails, he also wanted to write a theme-song (wanted my help too) based off of a classic Canadian hockey song. But that was the future - with the season drawing to a close, and Saskatoon stacked with a bunch of great picks, the future looked bright, and there's no question that all of that kept me playing and writing, week in and week out. You might think the story stops here, I've been recruited and I'm sticking around, right? Not so fast. In my opinion, based on my own experience with this league, my recruitment went on until I was traded to Vancouver and brought onto a podcast. But i'll get to that. In my VHLM Sophomore season, Peace and Elmebeck threw together an amazing team, having picked my player, David O'Quinn, at #1oa in the VHLM dispersal draft. It was an honor, and along with the big trades made, the promise of success and a great locker room kept me around, not to forget a continued friendship. Saskatoon shocked the hockey world and dominated the VHLM, going on a nearly season-long winstreak, capping it off with a convincing victory in the VHLM finals. What was there to look forward to now? Well, the VHL. The draft had passed at the same time as the VHLM dispersal draft: The New York Americans had showed interest in me, no doubt in part to Elmebeck(Jr.)'s presence on the team, and picked me during the eclipse of the first round at 12oa. It was an honor - and though predicted, still a little surprising. My recruitment almost failed at this point, well into my rookie VHL season and my growth was falling behind, my rate of TPE gain grinded to a halt and I was seen as a potential bust. Then - I got traded to Vancouver, and two guys who ran a podcast did me a really big solid by giving me 4 weeks of TPE off the back of a podcast I appeared on... and now I think i'm here for good. Having been given a chance by Beaviss, who himself said 'we'll make you a superstar yet', I finally feel like I belong here. I have friends, a history, a good team to play on and a future to look forward too. Its not enough to just invite someone to a league, they need to have a story form for them out of the goings on in the league. Part of that is up to the player - part of it us up to the league. What is hockey without a good story? 654 words, claiming for recruitment doubles theme week
  7. 1. Calgary, obviously. We have some former Wild here, and locationally we're rivals aswell. 2. I wouldn't be surprised to meet Toronto in the first round, if I understand the PO format correctly. 3. The top end. We have some spectacular players on the 1st pair and 1st line, im not sure about our depth but we aren't missing stars. 4. Nah, I think after that blockbuster the wolves are done besides maybe acquiring some picks? 5. It's gotta be triple H. He's physical, he's scoring, he's playmaking... triple H! 6. At home. After a hard-fought won or defeating loss... exiting the arena to the view of the mountains... nothing like it. (Speaking from IRL experience here too)
  8. Right now, as Vancouver sits 3 pts out of 1st place in the VHL, with a diff that clearly separates the top 3 from Vancouver and those following, O'Quinn is relatively happy to be in Vancouver, especially considering how poorly the team he left - the New York Americans - is doing. On the individual scale, O'Quinn is having a rather decent season. He's not playing like a star - but no one expected him to. O'Quinn's stat line leaves him with 21 pts in 36 games, a modest 36 pims, 78 hits and 48 shots blocked. Though he's on pace for nowhere near as many blocked shots as he obtained in New York in his rookie year, O'Quinn has already eclipsed the point total he achieved in his rookie year with the Americans. Interestingly, O'Quinn also has more hits. Whether this has been encouragement from Vancouver coaching staff to play a more physical game - or just the evolution of O'Quinn as a player, is unknown. O'Quinn's production has majorly ramped up since he joined Vancouver, and hopefully this trend will continue, as well as his growth, which after some down weeks has been trending upwards. 193 words
  9. 1. We have had some big trades recently, how do you feel about them? Well, I'm glad the NYA trade brought me here, I love it so far. As for anything else - I try not to think about it too hard. 2. We have signed/re-signed the majority of the team long term, are you happy with our core? I love the locker room and think I have a good spot here in Vancouver. How can I not? 3. If there was a middle division between the VHL and VHLM (and the big league teams would be affiliated with the middle tier like NHL-AHL-CHL), what would you name the Vancouver Wolves farm team? The Cape Breton Condors... The Banff Bulls? Cabot Trail Campers. Montreal Mesos! Sydney Scallops. 5. Who would you consider to be the Wolves locker room Leader(s)? Spyro, Wang and Garsh have all been the guys I noticed most in the LR... But Spyro the most. Beaviss has been quite good too, ofc. 6. [For Players] What is your twig of choice (and the flex rating you prefer to use)? The trainers usually help me out, I like just about your average stick. Plenty of Flex. 8. What is your personal goal (for your player) by the time we reach the playoffs? It's probably a stretch, but 600, or even 650 TPE would be nice imo.