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ODE to TFong


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Oh the things we could say about our resident teddy bear. Terrance is a gem and his positive talk and mindset are just two of the things we appreciate about him being in our league. Fong will be on chat when you need him and he has a lot of wisdom to share about restaurants if you are ever stuck for places to take your family for dinner. Terrance has visited the west coast many times and I haven't been able to link up, but would love to catch up for a drink. Fong knows all the places to go in Alberta for some grub and I have actually been to about three places he suggested in the past when I visit Cowtown. Not only this, but in relation to our league he has built some absolute gems of players. Fong studies the STHS a little bit and builds players with intention of helping their squads out. I've been on many teams with @tfong and its always fun times. I'm currently able to share a roster with his current player and it is exactly as advertised, he's a great person and one I'm proud to have met. Everyone raise their caps and their panties to this guy!

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