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  1. How is changing a month to a year grammar? Give me back my point.
  2. Please it takes more than that, it takes hard work, dedication and talent to get to where I am. I managed to make my wife not realize I was a super nerd till like a month into dating.
  3. Its progression. We went from a small community to a much larger one. There are bound to be cultural changes and something akin to "small town feels" to what essentially is a larger community where people may not know everyone else even and you can meet strangers or other players you've never met before. Yes we've kind of moved form strictly only "VHL Hockey" to become a community that uses the VHL as its core but members participate in a great deal many other things and games. You may not like this but I do personally as the objective to me from day 1 was always not just "bap" but to create a
  4. Leave so I can win a few hitting titles.
  5. Poop. Also damnit @Phil Stop hitting so much, I'm tryna catchup.