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  1. Also claiming for doubles week donation.
  2. Ramblings of an Old Man (Honestly not much to see here) It’s been 10 seasons since I last won a cup. I only noticed this the other day when going back to check the cup tallies here and wow, I haven’t won since season 65 which is slightly depressing to say the least. Back when I averaged a cup every few seasons, this 10 year gap has got to be the longest in between me winning one. Thank god now I have to reset now and hopefully the next one won’t be another 10 years. I mean partially thinking of it now, it’s been harder to win based on the fact that there are simply more
  3. Damn this is good. Too much depth is watering down scoring numbers! lol
  4. 20493047730416726 5 uncapped Doubles Week 1 mil player store
  5. Classic @OrbitingDeath . Steals my points....then steals my <3. Always good to be on the same roster as you buddy @Victor Time for your research to look into highest cup % duos
  6. Lets go! My favorite articles and content Love the formatting, makes it nice and easy and you even put the prior mock draft ranks. Fairly comprehensive look at the players available looks fairly well researched in terms of including user activity status. Colors, formatting and tags all look in place with no significant errors. Some headshots or mugshots would've been nice to add additionally but otherwise a very good MS that was loaded with content and easy to read. 10/10
  7. Nice little interview content here except I feel @Proutgave some scripted answers here since he's nowhere near this formal and clean mouthed. Formatting is good, not too many mistakes here and the usage of tags is good for the article. Good usage of bolding for a better look as well. Not much in terms of coloration or "entertainment/pics" which would've decorated the MS a bit to help the read. 8/10
  8. tfong


    Notice me @Devise
  9. Lol. I am a fan of Napoleon so I enjoyed the little twist you've done for him here. Injected a fun theme into the start of your off season. The content itself is fine. Just some retrospective insight parts for your player. A few capitalization errors in there I believe that you should watch out for and some run-on sentences. Something to give some flavor to your writing in terms of format would be to color the quotations and speech bubbles separately. Not only does it make it stand out more as his "thoughts" but it just adds color to what would a lot of text. Some additional pictur
  10. I generally love reading this kind of content because it gives me insight into what the other player experienced and just their thoughts on the community we've built., Am glad you and your friend are having fun and hope you continue to do so for the future. In terms of the media spot itself, I would say you'd be better off going with a left alignment here, because as its currently centered, it kind of makes it look awkward for reading. Something to keep in mind as well is to section off parts of writing utilizing bold or underline effects in order to add some formality to the writ