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  1. tfong

    GM 229: Meute vs. Titans

  2. tfong

    GM 228: Titans vs. Legion

    Yay i did stuff!
  3. tfong

    GM 220: Titans vs. Wranglers

    I'm on a slump
  4. tfong


    Wow u sonofabitch hiding all those tags lol
  5. tfong

    Expanding the VHLM

    Hong Kong Dragons thanks!
  6. tfong

    GM 199: Wranglers vs. Titans

    The King!
  7. tfong

    GM 192: Titans vs. Americans

  8. To encourage and make the discord channels more visible, I'd propose that the discord link in its separate little icon be either underneath the banner or the info included in the banner itself to assist in visibility. Also before you naysayers complain about needing to make an account, making an account is only to claim your nickname. You actually don't need to make an account. Can just join as a random name.
  9. tfong

    More than just porridge

    Who puts caviar in their porridge you sicko!
  10. tfong

    Nguyen Reacts to Draft Rankings

  11. In other news, in FM2017 I managed to buy both Ronaldo and Messi and brought them to my EPL team. Sofar Ronaldo has 9 goals in 4 apps lol.