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  1. tfong

    GM 152: Toronto Legion vs. Riga Reign

    Stopko keeping us in it.
  2. tfong

    GM 149: Toronto Legion vs. Seattle Bears

    A bear necessity.
  3. tfong

    Regression Pt. 2 - HITS, PIM, SB, Shots

    Interesting tho I wonder if we can raise leadership effects?
  4. tfong

    Top 10 Goaltenders of All Time

    I feel like my wins would've been higher except I did have Martucci on my team one year and we gave him more starts than the 8 that a backup should have during his time there.
  5. tfong

    VHL Pickem (S64W4)

    148 Riga Reign 149 Toronto Legion 150 HC Davos Dynamo 151 Calgary Wranglers
  6. tfong

    GM 116: Seattle Bears vs. Toronto Legion

    Dang thats a lot of PK time.