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  1. 20765526859299132 Free Week (12 TPE Capped) $1M Player Store Cash (How to Claim) 5 TPE Uncapped
  2. You're working too hard. Take a load off for a few games...or 3....
  3. Awww man game 7 here we go!
  4. Pulling your weight finally @Victor
  5. lol, i don't even know what i just listened to. Also how did your throat not hurt after all that lol.
  6. Talk to my agent @Beaviss to sign me.
  7. Player Information Username: tfong Player Name: Nezuko Recruited From: Returning Age: 16 Position: LW Height: 65 in. Weight: 140 lbs. Birthplace: Japan Player Page @VHLM GM
  8. I'm currently reading Thrawn: Alliance
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