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  1. tfong

    S54 Fook Yu Updates

    Pension 5 Pension 5 +10 Passing TPE: 981 Bank: Doubles, Doubles, Doubles, Site Down Free Week, Free Week, Free 5TPE
  2. tfong

    S60 Recruitment Drive

    Shouldn't u be awake then? :P
  3. Just wait until Fook Mi gets drafted next season. Also: Racist.
  4. IKR? Fook Yu has been a dud. Only 1 cup in his career.
  5. tfong

    S60 Recruitment Drive

  6. tfong

    [TC] S61 Helsinki Titans

    +10 yay Did we do away with specific attributes? lol
  7. tfong

    S54 Fook Yu Updates

    Can you also include the Jagr purchase on scoring then plz? Should keep my scoring at 99 still then. Thanks!
  8. tfong

    [S61] -- (S54) C - Fook Yu

  9. tfong

    S54 Fook Yu Updates

    @CowboyinAmerica I didn't PM will, was i suppose to when i purchased the store purchase?
  10. tfong

    VHL Donation Index

    Transaction ID 5UU98121VF9711009 Doubles, Doubles, Free, 5 TPE
  11. tfong

    [S61] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Fook YuVHL Team: FACash you have: 18,500,000Purchase Name: Old But not forgotten, Jaromir Jagr (Scoring), Doubles Awards Prediction.Cost of Purchase: 18,500,000Cash Left: 0