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  1. Review Very nice background and very good blending. This speaks Helsinki colors and is very easy on the eyes to look at. The text is a great design but it could definitely use a bit more texture to blend in with the sig more. It's a little too out in front and kind of makes the sig look incomplete. I think this sig would have been a great candidate to have rounded corners like you see on some. Other than that - it is a simple nice sig with one of the better backgrounds I've seen. 8.5/10
  2. kelvi


    Review Not the biggest fan of this one with respect to your usual work. Its interesting because everything individually on its own is great, but I just don't think its brought together too well. it use a bit of brush work or textures to make the sig blend a bit more, and I would have warped the Prague logo to kind of form itself into how the jersey wrinkles on the left. My favorite part of the sig is the render effects - I assume you use Topaz? I have yet to get it working on my computer haha. Other than that you don't really miss with text, very Prague themed. However it just doesn't come together well - this is speaking in Frank standard of course. 7.5/10
  3. RIGA REIGN PRESS CONFERENCE November 28th, 2021 1. What's your impression on the first couple days of games in the S81 season? 2. Do you think Simon T hates the Riga Reign and specifically our GM? 3. What was the most surprising move over the offseason? 4. If your player was forced to play another sport, at what position in which sport would they be the best at? 5. What's your favorite city to visit on the road trip and why? 6. The Vancouver Canucks are not having a good time right now, what do you think is their biggest problem and what do they need to do to get better?
  4. you already picked Nilsson haha.. you need a goalie
  5. Reno is skipped, pick any time @16zyoure up again
  6. @16zis skipped, pick any time @Renomitsuon the clock
  7. The Delta Canuckians select: Tui Sova @zepheter
  8. @Renomitsuis skipped, pick any time @16z please go again
  9. 1. @Ente2997 (Denver Ducks) F - Brendan Telker F - Gunnar Odinsson F - Paul Atreidas D - Reylynn Reinhart D - Scotty Kaberle G - Rara Rasputin 2. @zepheter F - Asher Reinhart F - Matty Fire F - Venus Thightrap D - Kristof Welch D - Sven Reikkinen G - Thadius Sales 3. @McKelvie (GM) F - Duncan Idaho F - That Dude F - Jivere Zolnek D - Hard Markinson D - Tui Sova G - Papa Emeritus 4. @CowboyinAmerica F - Phil The Rock Johnson F - Henry Tucker F - Druss Deathwalker D - Battre Sandstrom D - Aurelian Moreau G - Kunibuni UnGuri 5. @16z (Congo Crush) F - Cabe McJake F - Aloe Dear F - Taro Tsujimoto D - Tom Eagles D - Linus Zetterstrom G - Sirkants Klamasteris 6. @Renomitsu F - Pistil Stamen F - Taylor Mourning F - Tyler Reinhart D - Zeedayno Chara D - Robin Galante Nilsson G - Em Em Flex
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