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  1. Might be hard to see me when you are face first is the ice all game 👀
  2. pretty big talk for someone who still sits at the kids table at thanksgiving. Can’t wait to show you how this “lazy” guy operates next season @Elmebeck
  3. 1) Right now, the Titans sit at 3rd in the division with only a few games left to play. How confident do you feel about the upcoming playoff run? I mean if there is ever an underdog story i am up for it 2) If you had to give an award to one player on the team, who would it be? Pepper should get one of the goalie awards because he has drug our asses through many games this season 3) Conversely, the time to speak up is now. Is anyone on the team under-performing? Do they need a little pick-me-up before the playoffs? I think we all have room to improve. scoring needs to increase 4) Expansion has been a hot topic in the VHL as of late. What does your ideal expansion team look like? you need to get a strong scoring presence from someone, one that is also a leader in the llocker room. it realy helps boost the guys to perform 5) Do you feel as if we have something to prove, entering the playoffs as the defending champs, even though our spot in the standings doesn't support it? I dont think we do but the league hasnt taken us serious despite 3 straight finals appearances. 6) Overall, how do you feel about how this season played out? I dont think we ever hit our stride. im still hopefully about the playoffs but this season feels different
  4. @Enorama Good luck with your new venture!!
  5. 1) The Titans are back to winning games, but consistency is still an issue. What's the best way to fix that? Stop giving up third period goals. they have been killing us 2) Despite some struggles, we still sit atop the European conference. Are you scared of anyone behind us? Nah, they are behind us for a reason 3) Toronto just became the first team to clinch a playoff berth. Do you see anyone stopping them this season? They look like we did last season. but no doubt we will bring them down 4) The playoffs are just around the corner, but there are still a handful of games left to play. How hard is it to focus on the now, rather than the first round? Its always a struggle to finish out the season with playoffs looming. we will find a way to push through bc we still need to clinch a spot ourselves 5) Recently, the Titan's statistical history was brought up to date. Do you think any current players will end up being some of the most recognized franchise names? Not sure if anyone is going to be in the franchise cornerstone or astrid moon status but we have a few guys who are going to be here long enough to get up there in the stats. S63 core specifically 6) If you could pick your first round playoff opponent, who would it be and why? it doesnt matter because no matter who it is they gon lose
  6. 291 Calgary Wranglers 292 Toronto Legion 293 Malmo Nighthawks 294 Helsinki Titans 
  7. Gold - Canada sulver - usa bronze - world mvp - stark
  8. 1) The Titans have been slumping as of late. What's the cause? Bad airline food? Intense practices? Its that bastard simon. we need to watch out for that sneaky fucker 2) What are your thoughts on your own performance so far? I was killin it to start the year then i went dryer than a 4o year old who lives with his mom 3) What does Helsinki need to do in order to turn their fortune around? Get some damn line chemistry. its what helped us win last year 4) Where do you think the Titans peak this season? I think we are peaking in the finals. there is nowhere else to peak 5) On the contrary, what's the worst possible finish for the Titans this year? Honestly, making it to the finals and losing. 1 for 4 is a bad look 6) On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate Toronto? Fuck Toronto. thats how much i hate them