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  1. 1. Canada 2. Europe 3. Asia 4. Teagan Glover
  2. 1) Currently, the Titans are only a single point out of first place in the league. How does it feel to be at the top of the pack? It feels great to be there. its what we have been working towards for the past 3 seasons 2) Do we have what it takes to surpass Riga and claim 1st for ourselves? Hell yeah we do. We have a solid 5 point lead right now! 3) Dan Montgomery currently sis in first for both assists and points as a defenseman. How crucial has he been to Helsinki's success so far? Besides Pepper having a great start to the year, monty is putting on a clinic 4) Who's your early favorite for the season MVP, given what we've seen? If monty keeps his play up then i think he may have a great shot at mvp, unless he gets shafted like every defender ever 5) Now that everyone has had a few games to shake off the offseason rust, do you think we've settled into midseason form? Do we have more to show? I think so, we need to shake the 1-1 sims but we have the rust shook off by now 6) Which team do you hate playing the most this season? Malmo because their players get so butthurt when they lose
  3. Nice team win and a great game for the Kid
  4. Everyone hates the new guy, cant blame them 😛
  5. While i am not claiming it is fixed, Vegas has had it easier than most when it comes to expansion. They got extremely lucky with the Penguins goaltender situation and snagged one of the top Goalies in the league, a factor i heavily attribute to their immediate success. A team filled with 3rd line forwards and 2nd line defenders will inevitably do better than a team filled with 4th line forwards and 3rd line defenders. Expansion is a fine line between building a market for a new team and not pissing off everyone else. Now i am not saying it was fixed or anything but if you look at the expansion history you see repeated failure in the first season. While i don't think they loaded Vegas because they weren't dealing with 1st liners or anything, i do think they were better off than any other expansion franchise. It also helps that their gm and coaching staff did an exception job with what they had.