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  1. It’s a start! Hopefully we can carry the momentum into today’s sims
  2. The off-season is coming to an end, how did you spend your time away from the rink? I spent more time at the rink alone. I’m sick of this losing the finals shit The Titans made two highly controversial moves, in trading away the rights to superstar Matt Thompson and acquiring ACL TEAR, who is represented by the same agent as Kronos Bailey. How do you feel about the team's off-season? while it’s sad seeing Matt go, I’m excited to see what acl can bring to the team After a disappointing Continental Cup final, losing to those bums in Vancouver, do you think the Titans have what it takes to win the Cup this season? we have what it takes to at least get there What is one skill you're focused on working on throughout the upcoming season? at this point I’m just fighting the plunge to 6 ft under in my career How do you feel about being in a division with Davos and Malmo? Who do you think is the bigger competition? im more worried about Davis but I think we have the division on lock What team, aside from Helsinki, do youthink has the best chance to win theContinental Cup this season, and why? no team does. It’s finals or bust baby