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  1. SidTheKid87

    GM 158: Helsinki Titans vs. Riga Reign

    it wasnt a bad game for us either
  2. Peterson has been balling for the pens but sprong has been doing well. looks like that was a pretty fair trade
  3. SidTheKid87

    GM 141: New York Americans vs. Helsinki Titans

    "Sidney Crosby beats up Scott Shawinganen at 18:19 of 3rd period" finally won a fuckin fight. sorry i had to do it to ya @Cornflakers
  4. SidTheKid87

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

  5. SidTheKid87

    VHL Endorsment Contracts S64

    @Stoffiday accepted!! Glad to re-sign to represent this great brand
  6. SidTheKid87

    TPE: Reddit Weekly Upvote

    done- caps
  7. SidTheKid87

    S64 Group 11 Fantasy Draft

    Ill pick Norris stopko since no one has picked in 5ish days. @Bushito what are we gonna do about this shit show lol
  8. SidTheKid87

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    We've officially reached the 1/3 mark of the season. What are your expectations for the remaining 2/3 of the season? my expectations are for myself to get it in gear. my pim are way too high and my hits/sb are disappointingly low What has been the biggest surprise around the league (not with Helsinki) this season? i think the biggest surprise is calgarys struggle. we blanked them the other night and they don't look like a unit. don't know whats going on there With the NFL going into its Final 4 next weekend, which of the remaining teams (Kansas, New England, LA Rams, New Orleans) do you hope will make the Super Bowl this year? fuck the pats. if you are a pats fan we cant be best friends, only friends. but i think the rams are gonna win it all. I was all in on the saints train but if the lousy eagles can hold the freight train of an offense that the saints have idk if they can hang Is there a player in any other sport whom you admire? I admire Lebron James because of his work ethic in the game and how he gives back to the community. If you weren't playing hockey, what profession would you be in right now? Probably something with numbers. i was always good in math What is your earliest memory of hockey in your life?  My earliest memory is scoring on the wrong net and thinking i was the shit
  9. SidTheKid87

    GM 103: Helsinki Titans vs. Calgary Wranglers

    @nicolas01 or maybe it was because of the big goose egg yall were droppin 👀 but all jokes aside im gonna have to redeem myself next game 😛
  10. SidTheKid87

    S64 Group 11 Fantasy Draft

    @Bushito i guess its your turn to pick for since he hasnt made one pick @Sidhu