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  1. Coming into the world junior championship, the united states were not really favorites but had an outside chance of making a run. Canada and Asia had a strong showing last tournament and came with high expectations this seasons as well, and they did not disappoint. The USA didn’t do so hot in the round robin games, putting up a subpar record of 3-5, only besting team worlds 2-5-1. A poultry 3-5 should never be good enough to make the playoffs in any sport but everyone makes it here in the world juniors. So a bottom of the table matchup between team usa and team world was born in the first round of the playoffs. After a disappointing round robin, things couldn’t get much worse, right? Well they did. Team USA took a dump and lost 3-1 to the only team that did worse than them in round robin. There is always next tourney for team USA.
  2. SidTheKid87

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    forward: shan Defence: mcwolf Goalie: wahl honestly mcwolf has been lighting it up. his inevitable selection to the allstar team is no fluke. I thik its awesome! it is very much deserved. I think it would be cool to have a theme week for everyone with an endorsement deal. if you didn't have an endorsement maybe you could feature someone who does. being an American i can provide only one explaination: if there is an excuse to celebrate, we will take it. even if it is celebrating our ancestors mass murdering native americans and stealing everything they had. Not really. Its only my first year and i haven't had much time to build up a rivalry yet. but you never know what the future holds
  3. SidTheKid87

    S63 Trivia W2 Results

    ok no problem.
  4. SidTheKid87

    S63 Trivia W2 Results

    @Bushito How come i didnt get credit?
  5. SidTheKid87

    VHL Predict the score (S63W5)

    Quebec 4-1
  6. SidTheKid87

    VHL Pickem (S63W5)

    200 Calgary Wranglers 201 Quebec City Meute 202 Seattle Bears 203 Riga Reign
  7. SidTheKid87

    Helsinki On the Road

    Amen. You can run as much as you want, but you cant hide from us
  8. SidTheKid87

    Playing By Example

  9. SidTheKid87

    GM 156: Helsinki Titans vs. Seattle Bears

    how did I get a -4
  10. SidTheKid87

    S63 VHL All-Star Forward Vote

    well you don't vote by tagging someone. you have to select them in the poll up top. Also I don't think you get tpe for voting
  11. SidTheKid87

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1. I think it is for sure a possibility. We have performed at a higher standard than we were expecting coming into the season so anything is possible. 2. I am really into sports and working out. I spend a regrettable amount of time researching the randomest of things on any and all sports(besides baseball because that is barely a sport) 3. Maybe an option to buy one stat to upgrade to 99 for the season and it is protected from regression at the end of the season. So you would come back next year with the same stat you started this year with. if that makes sense lol 4. I would go to Las Vegas. I went there once and it was wild. I could only imagine what it is like to be at the exclusive backroom parties. 5. Whenever I wasn't playing hockey I was playing soccer. 6. I had an agreement with my defensive pair to dress up like a horse but it was super awkward when I was the horse head with no bottom. With the new addition we can have a complete pair and maybe next year have a stellar costume.
  12. SidTheKid87

    Pepper Goalie Mask Concept

    The helmet was just out there asking to be transformed lol. Hopefully it does happen because I am curious as to where you are going with this
  13. SidTheKid87

    VHL Pickem (S63W4)

    144 Seattle Bears 145 Toronto Legion 146 Calgary Wranglers 147 Helsinki Titans