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  1. damn that’s actually sickkk asf
  2. Looks very good. I love the signature on the bottom. It looks very clean and really pulls it all together. It's pretty simple but it still looks great. The Topps logo in the top left corner also makes it look more like an actual card. Overall very solid. 7/10
  3. This is really awesome. I love the incorporation of the graded sleeve and the photoshop on the label of the sleeve also looks great. The graphic/card looks really clean as well. I love the buildings in the background and the close-up on the left side really fills the card. The name and number are a nice touch and the Upper Deck logo in the top left corner pulls it all together and really makes it look like a card. Not much constructive criticism to be given. The logo in the bottom right corner might make it look a bit cluttered in my opinion but it still looks phenomenal. Overall definitely 10/10.
  4. A close affair last night between Mississauga and Halifax ended in a 2-1 shootout win for the 21st. Halifax had gone without a win for twenty straight games, amassing only one point, but they finally found themselves on the winning side of things after a well fought game from both sides. Fongs Son would score in the first period for the Hounds, but that would be it for them offensively. After a scoreless second period, Halifax trailed going into the third, but rallied to tie it at 1 with a beautiful pass from Rick Osman. Askarov and Malone both guarded the crease phenomenally in overtime and forced the shootout to unfold. Both sides would fail to score on the first two shots, and Burns had a chance to take the advantage with the third. Malone would make a spectacular blocker save to give Halifax a chance to win. Askarov would be unable to stop a perfectly placed winning shot and the 21st got their first two points of the season. This exciting nail-biter of a game will hopefully be a turning point for Halifax and their fans, as so far their season has been quite miserable. But sometimes one win can change everything.
  5. I am interested in an AGM position
  6. Born in Canada's capital, Haydon didn't discover his love for hockey until he was twelve years old. Once he did however, there was no turning back. It became his obsession, and by the time he was in high school he had become an extremely versatile player for his team. His first year in Kanata Secondary School saw him put up 22 goals and 30 assists for 52 points in 36 games. As a freshman, he wasn't given a whole lot of ice time, but he made the best of what he got. His team was led by a trio of seniors on the first line who were among the best in the league. His team was so stacked and were the consensus team to win it all. Unfortunately, they ended up losing the championship game in double overtime. Once the seniors left after Haydon's first season, he was given a bigger role on the team, but there was uncertainty regarding if he could put up the same numbers without them. He took the challenge head-on and after an off-season of relentless training, he had put on more muscle and became much stronger. Along with his impressive speed and puck skills, he upped his game to a new level in his sophomore year. Playing in 34 games that season, Haydon put up a ridiculous 41 goals and 34 assists for 75 points. He had destroyed all doubts and had proved he was an incredible talent, but he still had the playoffs ahead of him. Hoping to come out with a different result than the season prior, Haydon, the newly named captain, upped his leadership in the locker room and continued to lead by example. They battled their way right back to the finals. A feat nobody expected from Kanata after losing their top three players. In the championship game, Haydon netted a hat trick in a 3-2 overtime win and came back home crowned champions. Scouts obviously started to take notice of his skill and it wasn't long before VHLM general managers started expressing interest in signing him. He contemplated going back to high school for another year, but his teammates and staff urged him to make the jump. After receiving multiple offers, he decided to sign with the Mississauga Hounds and left his legacy back in his hometown. He was known throughout the league as not only great player, but a great person, and it was time for him to take his game to the big leagues.
  7. Absolutely sick!!
  8. 1. I think our season is gonna have a lot of games like these. Any wins we get will be hard fought close games, but we will also get our ass kicked against top teams. 2. I was training all summer long to hopefully sign in the VHLM. I worked on and off the ice every single day, and thankfully it paid off in flying colours. But just because I've made it to the league doesn't mean I can let up on my training. 3. I'd say Michael Mac. He has a natural goal-scoring ability and is one of our most important players. 4. Unfortunately I don't see any being awarded to us this season. But who knows, hockey is an unpredictable game. 5. Patrik is joining an absolutely stacked team, and I don't blame him. Even without him they'd be a top team in the league. Lord only knows the havoc they'll reap throughout this season. 6. Halifax will win a game.
  9. Haydon Learmonth sat down with reporters for the first time this morning to answer some questions regarding his first 6 games in the VHLM. Interviewer #1: Good morning Haydon! Haydon: Good morning to you too! Interviewer #1: You had also received free agent offers from Mexico City and Philadelphia but ultimately decided to sign with Mississauga. What went into that decision? Haydon: Well I considered all three destinations and weighed the pros and cons for each one, but in the end I found that Mississauga was the most competition of the three and was also offering me first line minutes. That was an opportunity I didn't want to miss out on. Interviewer #2: How have you adjusted to your new team? Is it a good atmosphere in the locker room with your teammates and staff? Haydon: Absolutely! Michael and Gavin are two incredible players and it's been a pleasure to play alongside them so far. Vsevolod is also an incredible goalie and he has keeps us competitive every game. The atmosphere in the locker room is a very positive one. We know we're in the bottom half of the league but we're confident we're on the path to success. Our general manager Cole has been very welcoming and has helped me through a pretty overwhelming change of scenery. Interviewer #3: Do you and your teammates have any new strategies you plan to employ to push yourselves up higher in the standings? Haydon: I think it's really about simplifying our game. You guys always hear the cliches of getting pucks deep, getting shots on net and playing well in our zone, but I think that's exactly what we need too. We have talented players on our roster and I think we just need to keep pushing and play the best hockey we can. I'm very optimistic about this team. Interviewer #4: Do you have any plans in place to try to contain Miami, one of the league's powerhouse teams, who are on a 5 game winning streak and undefeated in regulation? Haydon: I think it's really just about shutting down their top players. We know that beating teams like them isn't necessarily gonna happen very frequently this season but if we can play a smart game by not taking stupid penalties or committing lazy turnovers, and play a good all around game then I think that we can contest for those two points. Interviewer #5: Do you think you've had your "Welcome to the VHLM" moment yet? Haydon: Oh for sure! In my first game I got my first point. It was an assist. I was feeling pretty good about myself and started playing a bit more confidently. A couple shifts later I got drilled into the boards harder than I have ever been. It took me a couple seconds to get back up and as soon as I did I blocked the hardest shot I've ever faced. That series of events let me know I'm not in the juniors anymore. Haydon: Well that's all the time I have for today. Thanks everybody! Have a good day!
  10. If a position were to open up I'd be very interested. I've been very successful in numerous sim leagues prior to this one.
  11. When I was 13 I remember watching the Ottawa Senators 16-17 run in disbelief and then crying after game 7 in round 3.
  12. Welcome to the league!