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  1. 1. London revamped their roster and we're looking pretty dangerous right now. How do you handle high expectations for your player? I am pretty nervous I do admit. Big change coming up to VHL this season and I hope to perform well. 2. Who do you think is our biggest rival is in the Euro Conference? I would probably have say the Preds gonna be are rivals for sure, big time 3. Speaking of rivalries... with all our new faces, who are some player rivalries you have in the league? Right now I am straight gonna go for the top and say Mikk
  2. I am interested. I don't know if I can be added to the list or not, but I would prefer to start with AGM if anything. But I am open to anything
  3. Howdy, don't know if anyone is looking for any help but I am interested. From what I scrolled through, I think most of not all of the positions posted have been filled. Feel free to message me here or discord Strider#2301
  4. Transaction ID: 20464258914747928 $20 CAD for the cause Confirmed. -sterling
  5. Claiming 6 uncapped (doubles next week)
  6. 1. Very excited. Want to see if all the training has paid off. 2. I really hope it is a change for the good and I hope Juniors help bring in new faces. 3. I think probably would be a goalie. In my opinion they are the heart and soul of a team and what makes or brakes a team. 4. If we talking food, ribs sounds really good to me at the moment 5. I heard they got a pretty good hockey team. 6. My prediction, London United
  7. Fair on color choice. Originally I had read but being red/green colorblind, I opted out for that as it was easier on my eyes. Also, I was kind of of trying to get to close the jersey color as I could. Went with Russian player for 2 reasons, 1 I am Russian myself, and 2 my character is also Russian.
  8. 1. From what I've seen on the VHL and VHLM draft, the first few rounds I would say the picks were about similar. Later on they got a bit all over the place on VHL side. I know on VHLM some lower TPE players were picked higher, but that was mostly Defensman and goalies. Where as on VHL start I think 3 or 4 the round some lower TPE players were being picked where I though higher ones would be and some higher TPE players were picked very late. 2. Honestly, I thought I was going to go maybe a round higher in VHLM and few rounds lower in VHL. So, yes I was a little bit surprised. With V
  9. Alright, graphic number 2. Last time I used pixler online tool to edit the picture. This time I used photoshop. So this would be my first graphic using photoshop.
  10. If you guys looking for help in the future. I am available
  11. 1. I think we should keep doing what we been doing these last 3 games. That work out great for us this far. 2. I love it. Especially the fact that I'm be a pro you can skip to next major event. 3. I believe we can win it. 4. Nothing special. Still scheduled for work 5. Don't know. Honestly, I hope I get draft at all 6. Blue
  12. So, this is my first time doing anything like that.