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  1. 1. I feel great the offense works well together. 2. Sixth isn't to bad. Great goaltending helps.. 3. Hopefully today against New York. 4. As many as his little heart desires.lol 5. Hopefully nobody... don't wanna lose anyone .. could hurt us in that game. 6. Hextall he probably has some good stories on his excellent career.
  2. 1. Definitely patience. 2. I definitely didn't mind the shake up.. just don't make promises. Just be honest if u can give more minutes or not. 3. Keep earning,practicing, and play like a team. 4. Never a bad moment when u can put up 8 goals in a game. 5. Like a 3 I knew we have the guys to turn it around 6. Absolutely I believe we can an will climb back up in the conference. We are a strong team that can over come any obstacle
  3. 1. I Feel pretty good brought in two exceptional players 2. Any of our wins 3. It's always hard to see guys leave. 4. Vancouver Is lost without Beavis. 5. Gonna go with Welch. 6. Gotta go with Sens.
  4. 1. I'm feeling good.. just gotta keep up the hard work.. 2. i would have to say London. 3. He's an absolute machine.. if I would have to pick one I'd say cocaine 4. It doesn't matter who scores first as long as they keep working hard. 5. One of the top guys on the team 85+ points 6. Life is good just taking care of my two daughters
  5. I believe he was already taken @RomanesEuntDomus
  6. F - Chris Hylands... @hedgehog337 ur up
  7. This is absolutely badass. The logo placement on helmet is spot on. The yellow makes everything pop. The font was an excellent choice. Very clean.. GO BULLS!!! 9.5/10
  8. 1. Nothing the activity in our LR. Keeps me entertained.. 2. Any sports games... 3. Rock/Metal 4. Action and comedy 5. Chips and popcorn.. candy would be chewy sweet tarts. 6. Always has to be loud.. Old saying is if it's too loud your too old..