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  1. 1. My brother, Bahram Kamkar 2. The Warsaw Predators, cause they're a top team/ 4. Defense for sure. 5. My strength, and discipline while checking. Maybe some passing too 6. Junk food all day. 7. Adidas. I've a long history with them and their gear.
  2. 1. He was very nice to me when I first got drafted. Gave me great advice and overall I had an awesome time chatting with him. It's a shame he's stepping down. 2. EagleEye. Guy is new to VHL but he's a good HC in SBA and a good AD in EFL. 3. I'm just gonna do what I've always done, no changes needed. 5. Squats. Gotta get them glutes strong. 6. Just to hit the enemy as hard as I can. 7. Never change for those that don't deserve an ally like you.
  3. Review: Brilliant job with this sig! The snowflake effect in the background with the ice rink is a really nice touch. The logo swap is done very well and the jersey color matches the logo too, which makes it even better. The text font and positioning is also great. The attention to detail overall is excellent. Score: 10/10 Keep it up!
  4. Review: Nicely done! Logo and text placement is excellent and covers a majority of the canvas very well. The background color scheme is beautiful and works well with the logos. I like the font you used for the team names, gives it a funky vibe which I dig. If I had the choice, I'd consider this as one of the top options for the banner. Score: 10/10 Keep it up!
  5. Ain't going down without a fight. Kamkar wasn't letting it happen tonight.
  6. Game 5 is over, The Mexico City Kings just beat us five to three and we're down 3-2 in the series. We head back to our locker room, especially me with my head down, disappointed with my defensive performance in the series. I got cocky and made some crucial mistakes in the game. Thinking I could dispatch of the puck handlers myself I didn't care about teamwork and just rushed toward them with no hesitation and the team paid the price for my mistakes. We're now only one game away from losing the founder's cup and It's mostly my fault. But even with that in mind, I can't let these thoughts dwell
  7. The season is halfway done and everything is going according to plan. The Houston Bulls are still dominating the rankings and all is well. Our biggest threat so far has been Minnesota but even them we've managed to beat multiple times. As for me, I've been doing my part as an offensive defenseman. My defensive stats have taken a "hit" (pun intended lmao) but my offensive stats have taken a big jump, a much bigger jump than I expected. Last season I had 8 goals, 39 assists, 47 points with a whopping -28 in plus minus, this year however, I got 10 goals, 48 assists, 58 points, a +9 plus minus and
  8. Hello everyone and welcome back to week 3 of the Kamkar Twins' sparring session. As always, the two brothers are Javad and Bahram Kamkar. Two excellent defensemen who also have some martial art skills under their belt. They are currently tied 1-1 in wins and losses and this week is the tiebreaker that they'll need. Without further ado, here we go! The two touch gloves and they circle around each other. Bahram opens up with 2 sharp jabs that whiplashes Javad's head! Javad nods and responds with a leg kick, but Bahram checks it and counters with a vicious left hook! Javad is rocked a
  9. Review: Awesome job with the media spot. As someone who has only been in the VHL for 1 season reading this gave me really good insight about the S72 draft and made me learn quite a bit about Pietro's history. Each paragraph is very well formatted and looks good, no grammar problems either which is a big bonus. Only nitpicky issue I could bring up is that I would have liked to see a picture of Pietro's render but that's really about it. Score: 9.5/10. Would love to read more of your articles!
  10. Review: Brilliant job with the media spot. Went into a great amount of detail about the player and your reasoning for your predictions. Great use of pictures and excellent formatting, making it look good instead of it being just a blank wall of text. Score: 9/10. Keep it up!
  11. Elvis Jackson: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to All News: The Minor League. I'm your host Elvis Jackson and today I'm joined by the Houston Bulls Defenseman. Javad Kamkar! Javad, welcome to the show. Javad Kamkar: Thank you for having me Elvis. I've always been a big fan of your show and have wanted to be on it for so long. Now that it's actually happening, I'm kind of freaking out. Elvis Jackson: There's nothing to freak out over my friend! We're here for a good time together. So, for those who might not know you too well, would you like to tell them a bit about yoursel
  12. Review: Superb job with this article. I loved all the detail you went into about Lester while also keeping the vocabulary simple. Loved the addition of the picture(s) to the article and your formatting is also great. The proper punctuation and grammar gives you a nice boost to the final score. Score: 10/10 Fantastic job with this write up. Best of luck to Lester Green with the Toronto Legions!