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  1. BOOM™

    Tean Europe WJC S63

    Bunch of losers. Oh, wait..........
  2. BOOM™

    1TPE X2

    That chant can't be any worse than Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi. Fuck me, I hate that shit.
  3. BOOM™

    A Quik Announcement

    #inquikwetrust Congratulations man.... and thanks for your service @Will
  4. BOOM™

    Helsinki On the Road

    You won't be making fun of Vaydars crocheting skills when you are wearing the nice scarf that's being made for you!
  5. BOOM™

    Long overdue

    You should aim higher, like world peace.
  6. BOOM™

    Long overdue

    I hope to be a Titans legend one day.
  7. BOOM™

    S63 Regular Season Index

    The Bermuda Triangle of sim lines.
  8. BOOM™

    S63 All-Star General Manager Vote

  9. BOOM™

    Inside the Blue Paint- Ep 1

    Will definitely give this a look later tonight.
  10. BOOM™

    Long overdue

  11. BOOM™

    GM 129: New York Americans vs. Helsinki Titans

  12. BOOM™

    GM 126: Helsinki Titans vs. Toronto Legion

    Canadian hockey eh? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
  13. BOOM™

    HSK/RIG: S63

    No big deal, I'm married so it's business as usual.
  14. BOOM™

    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1. Hell yes we can catch those maple syrup, Tim Hortons, poutine eating losers. In fact, when we pass them I'll laugh so hard that some wee wee might leak out. 2. They include Tinder, amateur gynaecology and archiving my modest pornography collection. 3. PEDS that are only for a particular matchup such as fierce rivals, to boost performance and enable you to crush the opposition. 4. I would stock up on penicillin and head to Las Vegas and the AVN awards. 5. Totem tennis. 6. A Hooters server. I was very popular.