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  1. Bye. Thanks for spending time in the vhl.
  2. Reported. Enjoy your break from the league.
  3. Gorlab is going to, but can someone pm me when trade deadline is approaching this season? Thank you. 

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    2. der meister

      der meister

      Boom to London (E4)

    3. BOOM™


      Errr, no. I actually enjoy dental hygiene and bathing. 

    4. der meister

      der meister

      I thought you enjoyed being on a team with me more. 💔

  4. I remember fondly, when I was 13 years old. The year was 1960 and President Kennedy had just been elected and the Australian Labour Party got a new leader in Arthur Calwell. It was also a massive year as the Mousketeers toured Australia. Huge deal! I think I got my first pubic hair, but my memory is kind of fuzzy these days. Happy birthday VHL.
  5. If a mythical symbol was required, perhaps a bathtub could have been used.
  6. Who needs a player? F or D? 

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    2. Berocka


      Australians taking over again?

    3. BOOM™


      Unlike Scomo, I've come out of hiding. 

    4. chatfan036


      yes boom come back!

  7. No mention of Boomchenko. I'm (not really) devastated. Good read.
  8. Yeah, he's OK I guess.