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KC15's (Luc Tessier) Musings on the S77 VHLM Dispersal Draft


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Hello. KC15 here. On the eve of the S77 VHLM Dispersal Draft, I wanted to share some of my musings about where my player, LW Luc Tessier, might be drafted and how high. I am asking these questions, because I now have some experience in the league. Back in S68 I created a player for the first time. That player was RW Guy Lesieur. I played that player out to his eventual mandatory retirement and now I have a new player in this draft. So, what has changed between then and now and how much draft captial do I now have that I did not have in S69?


In S68, I was virtually unknown in the VHL. I did know a user or two who had some credibility here and they may have been able to vouch for me at some level. With all of that, Guy Lesieur went in the 3rd round (37th overall) in the VHLM Dispersal Draft to the Mexico City Kings. One season later I went to Riga as the 6th overall pick in the VHL draft and was immediately traded to the expansion DC Dragons after having lobbied hard with @Enorama.


So there is the baseline. 37th overall (VHLM) and 6th overall (VHL) my first time through.


What has changed since then?


The most obvious is that I have a full 8 year career in the VHL where I earned TPE consistently and did not bail on the league completely as so many end up doing. That buys you a number of draft slots higher than might otherwise be right off the bat.


Countering that is the fact that Guy ended up earning 1156 TPE. Respectable, but certainly not a max earner. Of course, though not a max earner, in the VHL, this was good enough for a winger that spent most of his later years on the first line of a Cup contending team and who scored 40 or more goals in multiple seasons.


For a good portion of Guy’s career I did Media Spots and max earned. For probably a larger portion of his career, I was content with taking the 4 TPE Welfare. Also, I was never completely a ghost in the Dragons LR, but I cannot say that I was ever the life of the party either. So, not a bust and not a stellar MVP.


Again, what has changed?


Being honest, I expected to leave the VHL (at least for a pause to rejeuvinate) when Guy retired. That lasted about a day. I’m in 4 sim leagues: VHL, SHL, PBE, and ISLF. The PBE is my clear first sim league, but on reflection, I realized that the VHL was close behind as second. No contest with the trailing SHL and ISFL. So, I knew I needed to recreate. I also knew that I needed to put more energy here, because here is where I was having such a good time.


I wrote an MS upon recreation and I’m writing one now. Will I write one every week? Unlikely. But I also hate leaving 2 TPE on the table. When I reach 700 TPE with Tessier the decision will be harder. Then it will be a choice between writing 500 words for 1 TPE or being content with the 5 TPE pension.


My intention is to play one more season with my ISFL player who is deep into regression and I may drop out of the SHL now that the season has come to a close. This all will allow me to focus more on the VHL without adding too much more time to my sim league time commitment.


I am also in the process of applying for the AGM position in Moscow. I’ve cleared mentioning this with @Spartan and I make no representations about whether I will get this position or not. There are many applicants and some may end up being much stronger than me. But this indicates my renewed focus on the VHL. I think I would like to eventually become a VHLM GM and I think a good run as AGM under Spartan would be just the experience I would need while I help him make the Menace the best franchise it can be. I think this makes sense and could happen eventually as I have GM’ed before in the GOMHL and in both the minor and major leagues of the PBE.


So, where will I go in the draft? I have no earthly idea and cannot even speculate. I was immediately invited into the San Diego LR simply as a prospect in the draft and I’ve loved it there. But @thadthrasher has 10A and 110A. I have no illusions about going 10A and I hope not to last until 110A, but who knows. I’d be overjoyed to go there, for sure. No one else has truly reached out and may not as recreates are scouted differently than first gens.


When will I go? Again, I have no earthly idea, but I certainly hope to go in the first round. I think a proven track record as someone who does not flake out on the league and go IA will count for something. I hope that this MS will help VHLM GMs get to know me if they don’t already and that will push me up into the 1st round, but I don’t know that at all. I hope, but don’t know. And of course it doesn’t matter in the end. In the end, I will go to whatever team drafts me in whatever round and I will be just as excited to make my mark with my new player and prove to that GM that they made the right decision in drafting me.


Thanks for reading to the end and above all … DRAFT HYPE!!!


969 words, waiting to claim the week beginning March 15


Note:  Because this is an article whose timing makes more sense before the VHLM Dispersal Draft and not after and because I asked ahead of time, @Beketov has granted his ok to post this now and claim as MS next week.

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16 minutes ago, KC15 said:

Because this is an article whose timing makes more sense before the VHLM Dispersal Draft and not after and because I asked ahead of time, @Beketov has granted his ok to post this now and claim as MS next week.

Can confirm.

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