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Mexico City Kings AGM opening


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Well howdy there. With my new job I don't have as much time to be on the forum as I used to. Also with @Moon_50getting the new GM job I'm AGM-less. I'm looking for a replacement before the upcoming VHLM draft. As Mexico City doesn't have a lot of draft picks this season I don't expect draft scouting experience. I will work with you for next season though!


terrible GIF


What I'd appreciate you doing is:

1. Press Conference every week (most important)

2. help with waivers

3. yell at my bad trade ideas

4. scouting

(Stole this from @Brewins15)


Reply to this or message me to apply. You can do so on forum or discord. I look forward to hearing from everyone! 😀

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Hey! I'd also like to apply! I'm new to the GM scene but I have experience with other simulators and what-not, I also am decently active on the forums and Discord to keep things lively and to maintain the press conference.

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@youloser1337 I'd love nothing more than to be a VHLM AGM! I hate to compete with all these other great candidates, but also fuck 'em!

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