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Suggestion for Welcome To Victory Hockey League message

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I have a suggestion based on my first few days here (which I am enjoying so far and there have been some very friendly members on the forum and the discord). The first inbox message that we get is nice but it has some problems that might require changes. The Point Tasks forum link goes somewhere where it says couldn't locate item (?) and the "how to earn TPE" guide link seems like it might be out of date (It mentions I can do a Biography any time but when I click no-one has done one in a while and it says I can only do it in my eighth season, also Rookie Profile link is same as Point Task link earlier). I did like the New Member Guides that were linked to though, like the one that says what each attribute does! 

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Also this very valid post got buried for half a week with little realization or recognition, maybe we should consider moving this sub forum to a less trafficked section or something?

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