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Big-Name Agencies Enter Players to S41 Draft Class


The Season 39 Trade Deadline is rapidly approaching, and as such, we have seen many players announce their entrance to the Season 41 Draft Class. Among these new prospects are many players from big-name agencies such as the Trifecta Agency, the Romanes Agency, and the IR Agency. Let's get right to it!


Niklaus Mikaelson (G)




Niklaus Mikaelson is the latest prospect hailing from the highly touted Trifecta agency. After the recent announcement of Davey Jones' pending retirement, it seems that Mikaelson is in line to be their new flagship player. An American with European roots, Mikaelson is one of the tallest and largest netminders that we have seen in recent years, standing at 6-foot-4-inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds.


Despite being the young age of 18, Mikaelson proved during his junior career that he has what it takes to make it in the VHL. He has been highly praised for his lightning-quick glove and his impeccable rebound control. As one of the first players to declare for the Season 41 Entry Draft, Mikaelson is definitely someone to watch.


Nicolas Caprivi (D)




The next player we are going to talk about is one who comes from the Romanes Agency, one of the most respected agencies around today. As a matter of fact, the President and CEO of the agency actually sits on the VHL's Board of Governors. Moving on from Cologne Express star forward David Collier, Canadian defenseman Nicolas Caprivi is the latest edition to their prospect pool. 


Like Mikaelson, Caprivi is also entering the league at the young age of 18. He's made a name for himself throughout the Canadian junior leagues as top-notch defender with a knack for impressive passing. 


Teuvo Ruutu (D)




This player, another defenseman, is coming out of the IR Agency. Mikey Blade was the most recent significant player to come out of the agency and has just recently announced he will be retiring from the league come the end of Season 39. It seems as though they expect Ruutu to be their next big name.


Ruutu is a Finnish native and stands at a towering 6-foot-4-inches tall. He has been known for his shutdown defensive style as well as his laser shot. Ruutu is expected to be one of the most promising prospects in his draft class.




As you can see, the Season 41 Draft Class is already off to a great start. Although, it's likely that Caprivi will not actually be in the draft. It's been brought to our attention that he has extremely close ties to the Cologne Express and will likely take advantage of the VHL's draft bypass rule to go straight to the Express roster instead of actually being drafted. Regardless, this is still a good start to the draft. We expect to see some more players from familiar agencies in the coming weeks, as well as many new agencies.

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