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What the Future May Hold


No one really knows what the future may hold, especially a VHL General Manager. For New York American General Manager Chris Miller, things seem a little clearer than the average team manager for he has the majority of his squad locked up past this season. With the Americans in hot pursuit of their second Victory Cup in as many seasons, it appears as though the talented squad would be best to serve another year together. One player who does not have a contract at this point is third year centreman Tom Slaughter.




Tom Slaughter has played three seasons in the big apple so far and he is most certainly headed for a payday come the conclusion of the year. The American forward has paced well above a point per game over the course of his young career and has shown extreme improvement in all aspects of his game during that span. As a third year, entry-level player, Slaughter has already showed promise as a star player on his team. This season Slaughter has been manning the first line for the Americans with long-time line-mate Xaio. The pair has worked well together, each notching 56 points in 48 games thus far. Slaughter has posted a league best 65% face-off win percentage while also keeping a +26 rating on the season.


The centreman brings more to the table than simply points and face-offs wins. Despite his lack of physical play, Slaughter is regarded as one of the top defensive forwards in the game, often playing minutes in pressure situations where his team needs him. The forward is also said to be a good leader the locker-room, having taken a liking to rookie forward Sam Keeler in particular who futures to be a line-mate for Slaughter in years to come if he stays in New York. Staying in New York is the key question Slaughter has been hearing in recent weeks.


The forward could be headed for a big payday and also he could be enticed by the taunt of being the focal point of a franchise, something he hasn’t been while in New York due to all the star power around him. This season Slaughter has done a good job of showing productivity against the league’s top lines without future Hall of Famer Odin Tordahl who is paired with Wesley Kellinger on the second line. It’s always an interesting proposition to a professional athlete to discuss a big free agency payday, but Slaughter is focused on what counts most, winning games and helping New York secure the Continental Cup this season.




“I’ve had a pretty fortunate career so far. I’ve been a part of a lot of winning teams and I will continue to have those opportunities in my career I believe. Whether it is in New York or another location remains to be seen. I’ll let my agent figure that out for me since that’s what I pay him for. If he feels it would be best for my career to test free agency than I will certainly listen to that point of view. As of right now I’m focused on this season and my teammates. Discussing contract during the season would be a really big distraction. I’m sure if Chris wants to retain me, he’ll be in touch with my agent,” Slaughter said.


The Americans resume their schedule tonight when they visit the Toronto Legion in what many expect to be a blowout in favour of the Americans. Slaughter will look to continue to build on what is shaping up to be another excellent season. Having just passed 200 career points in what is his third campaign, Slaughter’s main goal has yet to be completed. “I’m looking to win the Cup and I’ll likely stay or go to the place I feel gives me the best shot at that goal,” Slaughter said.

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Content: 3/3

Nice article. I heard the future may hold a hell of a lot Don Draper. Since we are most obviously missing the post-season this year, I'll be cheering on the NYA from the sidelines.


Grammar: 2/2

Nice work.


Appearance: 1/1

Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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