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Arpa has a theme week themed dream


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It was like every other night for Miervaldia Arpa, get home, shower, eat a snack and straight to bed but this time they tried a marijuana joint before tucking themselves in, not long before getting into positon it was lights out and a deep sleep ensued.. 


It's Arpa All Star day and we are excited to announce the best players ever, things are happening fast around here so lets skip to the start.. Ah here we are.. Skating down the wing faster than a slap shot from Chara, he enters the zone and flys past the defenders.. He shoots he scores! Dragomir!! Dragomir!!! DRAGOMIR!!! - First player that gave me the awe factor and was a fantasy pick for me everytime earlier on, didn't know the member or player very well but will definitley go down as one of the best pure goal scorers the league has had. On average Vernan scored every 10 shots, scored in 60 percent of his games and also had 60 percent of his goals during even strength chances. Overall he could have been a little better but shined bright enough for a few seasons to leave a mark in memories on the forum.


Who's that entering the ice? Could it be?! It's the Finnish sensation! He grabs the puck, flips it up in the air and catches it, after a few breaths he swings around facing the other side of the rink, he flips it up again and backwards bats it over his shoulder straight into the top right shooting target.. It's my second forward pick Lahtinen and THE CROWD GOES WILD! - Didn't play long with Lahtinen on my last player but before and after leaving he had a huge impact on the sim during the time, building smart but and outplaying almost everybody he matched up against. Although he wasn't as successful as others he still carved his name in plenty of record books.


On the other side of the ice it's a quiet but deadly support man, waiting and watching his linemates at practice for an opportunity to get involved.. The defender slides the puck up, it gets caught up in the forwards skates, he dashes in and lifts their stick before they could recover, he uses his body to claim some space and speeds up a little more into the zone, both defenders try poking and hitting but fail to get anywhere close, he slows it down and cradles the puck, with a flick of the wrist my right wing selection.. Laine shoots the rubber top shelf! - One of my buddies whenever recreating and mostly because of the competition between us (or just me) being a fellow Finland player trying to be the best.. At the end I must say all-around he performed amazing, on the ice, earning and a huge forum/Discord voice, definitley somebody prospects looked and still look up to as they try and make an impact.


The lights go out and a red glow begins to flood the arena, it looks like a defender is ready to be announced.. His name is heard around the hockey globe as one of the best ever to do it.. He steps on the ice and skates to center ice, he looks up at the crowd, smiles and puts on a pair of shades, it's Adrienne! - He's yo mammas favorite player, award bringer inner and you can still see little ghost figures moving around the ice like a race car video game as new stars try to beat his earning and performing rate, I remember everybody pretty much selecting Condor 1st overall in fantasy because it was a sure thing, god damn legend! Nothing else to say here.


This player didn't show up but got everybodies attention on the big screen via Skype, at first nobody knew who it was because it only showed a silhouette of the player but when the highlights started to roll it all became clear.. It was the mystery man Glade making his appearance, happier than ever at home eating some delicious chocolate chip cookies that granny Glade just made - When I first joined realism was my favorite part of a career and I honestly considered recreating as a Glade family member because of the creative impact this player on me back in the day especially in articles but his statistics throughout the journey was even more insane knowing how to build, oddly enough though something seemed to always happen because a few of the Glades changed routes drastically, guess that just adds to the story.


Finally all the skaters get ready from one side of the ice and race to the other, up against them in net is a fierce and always ready netminder that like it turned up a little to show off his skills. The players skate in, tic, tac, toe, tom, rick and joe it into the opposing zone, Glade sits back and looks for an opening, recieves the puck from his dangling teamates trying to confuse the goalie and they quickly run their routes, the shot flies towards the net and no rebound, easy save for Jean-Pierre Camus. - Another player I know little of but when stat tracking I noticed a brilliant career unfold and luckily I had the chance to meet them in my final season last time around, again he performed better than ever!


That's it here's my dream team on paper, I tried to stay true to positions while picking the best set up with different eras snd builds.


VHL Dream Team:

LW V. Dragomir C M. Lahtinen RW P. Laine

LD C. Adrienne - RD S. Glade

G J.P. Camus


@Velevra @Beketov @Laine



Honourable mentions:

LW T. Landry II C T. Tsujimoto RW T.T. Trivium

LD E. Killinger - RD L. Tate

G R. Rasputin


@Doomsday @Gustav @der meister

@Peace @Tate


While doing this I realized how many players I actually like and how bias I could have been before without comparing so many names have great careers but only some have legandary ones so I hope you enjoyed my jog down memory lane as I selected the best of my favorites anybody would love to have on their squad. Coolest theme week idea in a bit.

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