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S43 Team Western Europe Roster + Discussion


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Bismarck Köenig © (588 TPE)   :col:  -- BOOM
Christoph Klose (A) (526 TPE)  :col:  -- der meister
Kurtis Hunter (482 TPE)   :dav:  -- Toast
Wolfgan Strauss (346 TPE)   :sea:  -- Wastlund
E'Twaun Delicious (323 TPE)  :nya:  -- .sniffuM
Severin Von Karma (295 TPE)   :sto:  -- Velevra




Ron World Peace (A) (537 TPE)  :col:  -- stevo
MC Hammer (137 TPE)  :ber:  -- Andybj
Thaddeus Humbert (125 TPE)  :brt:  -- Mr. Power
Phil Hamilton (124 TPE)  :vhlm:  -- Phil




Hans Wingate (399 TPE)  :cal:  -- CowboyinAmerica




Gold or bust.

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So team Cologne then? *laughs*


LET'S GO FOR GOLD! I should have like 150+ TPE for this so my useless meter will only be at like negative five! :P


I know a winning formula when I see one.  :ph34r:

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Good eye, boom. Thanks for pointing that out in the index thread for me. 


Lines are in, we're just waiting on the sim now guys. Quite the uphill battle, but I'm sure we'll pull off some wins!

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Should add me somehow.


Don't go inactive for months next time :P


Good first sim Boom team! We will certainly be competitive.

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But I was online and posted before you even made the roster. :huh:


I apologize then. When I looked you had last been online over a month ago, so I opted to give the spot to my Breakfast Club bestie.

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