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1 hour ago, Higgins said:



It's like some mythological rivalry in the clouds. The storm rain clouds... the sunlight breaking through the clouds... evil vs. good... @Wasty creating player rivalries via sigs @STZ


Ok, so let me get this straight - it's been a while since I watched the show. So if you're Jacob, that would make me the Man in Black (omg Wasty even had black smoke in mine). So are you trying to say that I'm the evil one? Also how does @Will play into this as John Locke? Is this foreshadowing me taking his form (hacking into his account), and convincing some psychopath to kill you?


This is tight lit af

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well, here's my official review. I will go against the popular opinion and say that I'm not a huge fan of it. Of course, I'm reviewing as it is considering that you made it, so I can be a little bit harsher then anyone else considering your skill set.  First of all, the border (like I said earlier) on the mask grid is bothering, and my main issue is really the colors, where the darks are way too strong, which results in a poor color balance. The yellow soft brush behind the GK's mask is also bothering me as I can't get my eyes out of it. The text work is good, but I'm not a huge fan of the background where I feel like it doesn't blend with the overall efx. Of course, that's still a solid 6/6, but like I said, considering your skill set, this is just my honest review/opinion

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