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All-Time TPE Leader [1/2]


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The dispersion effect you used makes him look like he's morphing from the BG.I would have tried to make the BG more uniform and have some fluidity to it, ie.try and make it all look brick like in pattern effect.As it stands,its kindve messy looking.I would have toned down the lighting exposure to the left of his head morle to match the lighting and shade on his head and body.

I would have liked to see more sharpness to his head and body,and at the bottom of his jersey theres so.e clutter to the rightnof his logo and glove...it looks bad.

The colours of blue and grey mesh well together,and you have some separation with the blur effect of the bg with regards Ehlers sharpness.

The font style is decent but I think would be better suited centered under his collar or to the left of tha white bg blob,with a darker color font to offset the white.

Its pass able, but I've seen you shine better on your other ones.

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