[S62] — S58 — LW Ivan Morozov

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2 hours ago, Banackock said:

Ivan Morozov @solas

S62: 2.5M


Hasnt posted in over 30 days as of this claim (defined as an inactive in this thread and rules) and with being the highest on the priority list based off league standings, he is immediate property of the Seattle Bears @Victor


Last post July 26. 


He's not your property yet.

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4 hours ago, Bushito said:

Goes by the last update.


4 hours ago, hedgehog337 said:


First hearing. I think it was 30 days since last post, not update.

As per the Inactive Free Agency Rules it goes by posting. Someone like Quill was never linked on the portal and thus has no updates. By the update logic he’d be inactive which he obviously isn’t.


@solas did in fact post once in the last 30 days, July 24th. So, by the rules, he is not an inactive. This will be moved to the regular section and teams may bid.

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