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GM 200: Helsinki Titans vs. Moscow Menace

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8 minutes ago, gorlab said:

So.... is Helsinki not good anymore or is Moscow really the real deal?



Quite a lopsided little dance here. I'm one game thread away from Moscow going 4-0 in this double sim.


I said this at the start of the season. "Technically" Moscow has the highest team overall. They have the best combination of a deep roster and star power, however they lack the star power that Toronto and HSK have. Considering Moscow's success against both the other "top" teams, I'd argue they are the real deal. We have never really known how much having the deep roster matters but it's clear it matters some. Moscow outshoots everyone pretty much unless having an off night, and while I'm sure an argument can be made of quality over quantity at some point, depends on the circumstance and the game.


My goodness though has STHS snake bitten this HSK offense that otherwise was dominating the league for the first half. Going to be an interesting second half. 

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