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Van’s Hot Takes - Part Two

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Van’s Hot Takes - Part Two


     This article is the second in my ongoing series of Van’s Hot Takes. (No, this has nothing to do with the Wolves. I go by Van in reference to myself, partly because that’s my nickname but mostly because the fans of the Wolves love clicking on my articles thinking it’s all about them. News flash: it’s not always about you). 


     My takes are bold predictions of the future. In this episode I will be covering both one VHL team outlook, a recent league event involving two new teams, and a TPE situation that is cringe worthy. Feel free to call me out if you wish on any of these especially if (or when) I am proven completely wrong in my predictions.  Last season I went 2 for 3 in with the only missed one being because one GM decided not to heed my wise advice in building his team. 


*See link at the bottom for previous episodes of Hot Takes with Van.



     All the predictions are made in good fun though some may not be too complimentary of different teams and/or players.  I hold no ill will to anyone.

Without further ado, I present to you, on behalf of the VSN network and all the great writers there, Van’s Hot Takes - Part Two.



Seattle will lose their division.



     Last off season Seattle was my lone miss in my Hot Takes. This year I will get it right and Seattle players and fans won’t like what I have to say.  Seattle, by not following my not so subtle hint to trade potential for star power, has decided to commit to their mega S67 draft.  The intent here is to build a roster that can compete for multiple seasons, thus expanding their competitive window, albeit at the expense of a longer wait. That’s going to kill them. In fact they’ve decidedly shortened their competitive window. They’re clearly not winning anything this year and after next season most of their roster will be due new contracts. Some will demand higher wages while some will leave for greener pastures. What will be left is a team with many holes and no draft picks to fill them. They will become a top heavy team at a time where depth will become imperative to winning.  The Top Six Top Four setup isn't the future of the VHL folks.


Hot take:

     Seattle will take a step backward this season when they are expecting to be moving forward. They will finish LAST in their division.  Their window to contend will be ONE season long: S69.  If they don’t win then, it will be rebuild time again. (This hot take will be retracted if GM @Banackock decides I am right and mortgages his future to win now. Then they will become instant contenders and will win it all, this season!)


Prague and DC Finish Bottom Two


     Celebrated by the world, the VHL has recently undergone a two-team expansion showing the growth in the league with an abundance of talent infiltrating it via back to back loaded draft classes.  As seen in other leagues (NHL specifically) Expansion is exciting and the leagues generally want a competitive team right away rather than a team that sits at the bottom for the first few years of its existence. This is where the VHL went wrong. The protection rights for GM’s were way to much leaving only fodder for new GM’s @Enorama and @diamond_ace.


Hot take: 

     Prague and DC will finish bottom 2 in the standings by a large margin.  There is no desire (or ability) to compete out of the gate as each GM settles for a start from the bottom and horde the draft picks approach in an effort to build a competitive roster.


Bonus hot take: 

     DC’s name also gets an overhaul after one season in the league.  New name will be Washington regardless of any protests from other leagues. They can suck it up, the VHL owns them.



Reviewing Rules get an Overhaul



     In a league where TPE whoring is more of a indicator of talent than actual on ice success, it’s that last dang two TPE that just sucks to get. Media spot or graphic? Easy for those dedicated to this sport. VHL article? No biggie. Press conference, trivia, practise facility? All relatively pieces of cake. Now what happens when Trivia is done for the season? People resort to reviewing. What exactly does that consist of, some might ask? Basically, it requires you to dig up some old articles or graphics people submitted, sometimes seasons (or months) old in age, and to write a short sentence saying what they did good or not so good and how they can improve. There are many annoying issues with this. The front VHL article page filled with irrelevant topics, opinions from people who don’t know the first thing about what they’re reviewing, and in general, tedious time spent doing the worst job there is for just 2 TPE.


Hot take: 

     A petition will begin for the BOG’s to consider changing the rules in this area. Within a season or two, new rules will be in place. That’s the good news. 

The bad news? (For those who actually do the reviewing for “easy” TPE). It will become more difficult to review and thus earn tpe PLUS nothing comes up to replace this. It’s time to start getting league jobs or risk losing out on a few TPE each season.





     So there you have it folks. I guarantee you that Seattle did it wrong, expansion teams will suck until the VHL does it right, and no one will be spamming ancient VHL articles anymore. 

Now that I’ve told you the future let’s all sit back and watch it play out exactly as I have just said. 


Episode 1: Hot Takes With Van -

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