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You partially enjoy this or you despise it


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Each pink logo is equal to 15 words. React to this in any manner and your player will get at least three hat tricks next season. Comment and your player will have at least three four-point nights. React and comment and your player will lead at least two statistical categories at the end of S69. If I'm wrong then take away the two points I've requested. If you aren't slightly entertained or triggered you might not like the color pink or I'm just annoying. 

The answer to the math problem you were having difficulty solving is 72. And 72-3, multiplied by 1 is 69. Nice. Therefore, I should get the full two TPE from this very enjoyable VHL related pink logo epicness article. I had the chance to speak with VHLM Commissioner Banackock and we greeted each other then I turned my computer off. When I came online later, I said "Hi!" in the discord general chat. I'm Dyl, not Dil. Dylan > Dillon by the way. I enjoy watching hockey because it's cool. By the way I colored pink VHLM logos. 


Also, I forgot to add that I like the VHL and support the VHL Radio staff. I just ask that if this article is too great for the human eye, that you grant me mercy and not strike me down. 


Have a splendid day!



btw I liked writing in small font 

225 words + 165(15 per pink logo) = 390 total words

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Adding word count
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8 hours ago, ColeMrtz said:

This screams “I am very random”

Does it? 



SAS are pretty cool. Don't you agree?

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I misspelled agree...
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