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O'Quinn sends congrats to RJ Jubis

David O'Quinn

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As the first round is nearly halfway over, O'Quinn's colleague and teammate, RJ Jubis, jumped from a projected 9oa to 5oa, to the Calgary Wranglers. O'Quinn tweeted the following:



He is the first Saskatoon player, and second Canadian player to be drafted in the first round. The next projection for a Saskatoon player is David O'Quinn, a Saskatoon defenseman, to go late during the first round or early in the second. The first round has been interesting so far, with highly touted Danish skater Soren Jensen falling to 4th, where he was projected to go #1 or #2, meanwhile guy Sasakamoose rose, up to #3, going to Riga, along with Guy Lesieur at #6. The draft has temporarily paused, however, as trades have apparently happened. More to come.



153 Words, 128 in the physical article, and 25 in the tweet (which I wrote)



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