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Free Agency with Frostbeard [2/2]


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Hello there everyone, as ECN is taking a break for quite some time, we will doing a format that is going to be quite simple – I will talk about things I want to talk about and if you want, you can read what I have written.


This time, I will be focusing on talking about a simple thing called Free agency and why certain teams look stunning coming into S69.


Firstly, I strongly believe that both Moscow and Seattle have improved their roster and will be top teams on their respective conferences. As John Frostbeard is on Seattle I have to say that adding a guy like Dan Willinsky is a key move to get teams already quality scoring up even another notch. Yes, adding him and previously getting a trade that sent Leph Twinger to Seattle, will take away ice-time from quite a few players on Bears roster. With quality goal-tending of Rayz Funk, we could be looking at another Continental cup win for Bears squad as for now, everyone is committed in taking lower roles and loosing some ice-time for overall team success. When it comes to our other her team, Moscow was able to acquire an amazing pair of players in Gritty and Smitty. In my eyes that puts them up as the first and the best team in European Conference. Already having guys like Jet Jaguar will just push the team to the next level. Now it is going to be a question of – will the team be able to push through a truly tough team we have in Malmo.


Malmo signs… who? Rodriguez? Alright, some guy from NY is getting big money from Malmo and will be helping them out, I don’t see that as a huge increase compared to what other teams were able to add. Wait, did they sign some guy named Jake Davis? Never heard of him…

Calgary probably are in a position to completely rebuild their roster and go with a fresh new Wranglers lineup in a season or two. Sad that they lost John Frostbeard in a trade that didn’t help their roster in any way.


Interesting to see Davos sign Charlie Paddywagon. I really like his player and to see him return to the team that right now looks like a ghost ship right in his prime is quite sad. Could have went for a cup rather than spend time on a team that will be fighting for free tacos all season long. I hope they will be having Pepsi at least, well, if they can’t afford it, I guess go and ask your man Charlie to give you some money. No worries though, you might be in playing sometime around S75, I believe in you!

All together some interesting moves and what we are seeing a tough S69 for teams who want to be the best. Moscow, Vancouver, Malmo and Seattle – who are going to take the crown? Who knows, we will have to see. It is tough to think what to write when you are coming close to that those 500 words..


Alrighty, that is it for today, hopefully you will see some more posts from me soon on a different platform.

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I almost didn't recognize your work without the ECN logo at the top!  I'm glad to see you're still writing articles nonetheless. The only comment I have in terms of writing is the following, which is oddly worded:


Yes, adding him and previously getting a trade that sent Leph Twinger to Seattle, will take away ice-time from quite a few players on Bears roster.

I think a few separate modifications could work to make this sentence a little less awkward, but the "and previously getting a trade that sent" is the wordiest part, and most likely the one I'd change. Otherwise, brilliantly written as always!

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Anyone that doesnt think Malmo improved significantly is just wrong.  McWolf is a drastic improvement while Rodriguez is more developed than Lynch and is younger too.  Davis isnt that far off Thompson either despite what some people seem to think.


I also dont think Moscow gets there until Bernard improves.

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Free Agency with Frostbeard [1/2]

Review:  Good topic, well-handled. Bolding the names allows us to quickly see which players will be discussed. Appreciate the analysis of where the FA might take their team rather than just whether they were a good pickup or not.  Few small errors that could be edited out with a little more care, i.e., "everyone is committed in taking lower roles" which should be "everyone is committed to taking lower roles".

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Free Agency with Frostbeard [2/2]


Interesting read. Great formatting and to be honest, I've missed the ECN a bit in recent times. Positives are that you bolded the names that you wanted to highlight in each sentence and I think that might be something that we all need to incorporate in the future. No negatives actually. I do think that you built this well and it will be sad to see it go. Anyways, I think this was an entertaining read and I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring to the VSN.

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