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    Let's talk about TPE

    So, with this 590, I will now be in a tie with @Bushito's Norris Stopko for the most single-player TPE all time. Pretty incredible to think about. I've mentioned it before, but when I came back, and @Beketov can vouch for this, as he was the one I talked to before even re-creating, the plan was to claim my 4 TPE from pension, and build a solid, if unspectacular, depth player. This was before the competitive nature in me kicked in, and I returned to full TPE-whore mode. It's odd though. While MJ has earned by far the most TPE of any player I've ever had - even if you go back to the cap of 9 that was in place during my first go around, removing 240 TPE, that's still 429 more TPE than my next highest player in Matt Bailey, who retired with a then crazy 954 - he is by far the most mediocre player I've ever actually put effort into. With Pogge, Snelheid and Bailey, it was a lot more difficult to cap out. The only TPE opportunities were Point Tasks, 590's, and Job Pay. If you didn't have a job, your cap was 7, and it was fairly difficult to hit that cap, as many point tasks would receive grades of 4 or 5. Still, back then, those players were all Hall of Famers, easily (still a bit salty it took so long for Snelheid to get in given his numbers lol). With MJ, he's got a lot tougher of a hill to climb, in order to enter the Hall with his brethren. I guess we'll see what happens, but for now he can lay claim to having the most TPE of all time, even if it does come with a bit of inflation. Will it last? Probably not. Bush will certainly be gunning for it with Canmore. And if not him, I'm sure another TPE-whore will take the spot. Hell, I will probably supplant myself with Kronos, considering I've capped every week with him, and hit most uncapped opportunities as well. No matter what happens, I've definitely earned these 2 TPE lol
  2. Quik

    Website Themes

    Eh, cooler in theory than they are in practice. EFL has it, and while it's kind of cool, it's hard to put the same type of quality into 14+ different skins. I think finding a new, quality skin to add to the list is probably better in the long run.
  3. Quik

    VHL Brand Executives

    Considering your lawyer, I don't mind my chances...
  4. Quik

    VHL Brand Executives

  5. Quik

    Official Regulations on Tampering

    Also, just a note: if a claim includes a team with a Commissioner on it, that commissioner will not be involved in the final verdict, regarding punishment, and a stand in may be used to help decide what punishment may, or may not, be handed out.
  6. Quik

    VHL Brand Executives

    Hey all, We are potentially looking for a couple more Brand Executives to add into the fold. If interested, please reply here. The only rule for who can/cannot apply is that VHL GMs still may not apply.
  7. Quik

    Sports Sim Network

    You and you're jersey changes 🤣
  8. Quik

    S64 Trivia Week 5

    Kind of. The answers to some of these lay in some pretty dormant sub-forums. Hell, a lot of things are spread out, so I had to look at 3-4 before finding the right one for where Q2's answer could be found. Most people don't know where all the spreadsheets are laying around.
  9. Quik

    S64 Regular Season Index

    Does the upload lines feature in the index work? I tried it and it said lines loaded successfully, but I also sent lines to you and @Devise as well in case it doesn't lol
  10. I mean, protocol is mostly for first gen members. Someone who’s recreating knows how the portal works and can handle multiple offers lol
  11. @Members This announcement is to officially confirm that this season's Trade Deadline is set for Saturday January 26th, at 5PM EST. With that said, it means that this week will be the first week to create for the Season 66 VHL Draft. Also, as has become tradition, there will be a theme week coming up next week, with the topic being announced on Sunday January 27th.
  12. @Members Post in here if you are without an endorsement, and group mention @Brand Executive This helps both you, and the Brand Execs, in identifying players to add to their team!
  13. Quik

    SEA/QUE: S64

    For some reason I thought he was 1.5. I’m disappointed in myself. I guess it was to make sure they had room to make a trade? Idk
  14. Quik

    SEA/QUE: S64

    I’m disappointed in this question... They were too close to the cap for him to sign
  15. Quik

    HSK/QUE: S64

    Yeah, fair enough.
  16. Quik

    HSK/QUE: S64

    Honestly, I kind of assumed they wouldn’t be allowed. There’s no provision for a 3-way trade in the rules, because I don’t think anyone ever thought this scenario up. Technically Quebec is getting something for him, so I would think they’re also banned from the Charm train, leaving Calgary, New York, Riga and Toronto as his possible destinations for FA...
  17. Do you know how to play it?
  18. Quik

    SEA/QUE: S64

    Because someone thought he was above the law and called you up without a contract But no, I think since you were above VHLM Cap, you were auto'd onto the roster for the first couple sims before it got caught.
  19. Quik

    SEA/QUE: S64

    Once he signs, he should be added automatically