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  1. @Anthony Matthews / @Bushito I think there's a few auto-picks you guys need to make before we can continue this thing. OP is updated to this point. 1 team has apparently been skipped completely, and another is Doug's team, so he'll need auto picks for his final 3 as well.
  2. With @Victor's triumphant return to Trivia week, I'm now writing my third freaking VHL.com article, and this one isn't even for any capped TPE. Apparently, @DilIsPickle didn't like my last article, because I pondered what the hell to talk about for a while, before getting to the point. What he doesn't understand is that, as a blue, I have pretty much free reign to do what I want, and he has no choice but to accept that as law...you'd think as a fellow Punjabi he'd understand corruption at the top! But no, seriously, considering the blog format, talking about what to talk about is perfectly acceptable, and anyone can do it if they wanted to, so long as the ramblings are at least loosely league related. On the topic of league related and TPE, while also looping back to my original point about this not even counting as capped TPE, we really do hand out a lot of TPE now, compared to the 'old days.' It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely leads to a laissez-faire attitude towards earning. Do I love that? No. But it's a necessary evil to get the league to a point where we have more actives than we've pretty much ever had. Anyway, that's my time, don't forget to tip your server, I'll be here (mostly) all week!
  3. Ok...I guess 9-4 over two games is a win?
  4. PP woke up for this one! Borwinn and Monty with the quiet 6-point nights, Pepper straight robbed of a star, and apparently Bailey was pissed at not scoring a goal lol
  5. Shawn Glade @DougF McWolf is gone, so you can select a different player any time as well
  6. Looks like the boys were full of piss and vinegar today!
  7. Quik

    KnightTime #1004

    BaileyÔÇÖs a 64, still got a ways to go, but when he retires, I can recreate a new GM Player. GMs still get a 2nd player who enters the draft and can play for any team.
  8. Once again, I find myself needing to submit a VHL.com article, because I've been too lazy to open photoshop and make player cards - do I have some saved? I feel like I have some saved, but don't remember for sure - and need it in order to get my 4 uncapped for this week. At least this week, since @Victor still hasn't opened trivia, it gives me 1 Capped TPE as well, though that doesn't help much and means ACL will go another week without capping. What shall I talk about this week? Well, the Titans are getting great results, currently 5 points up on Riga for 1st in the league. Thompson has been a big add, 1 back of the league lead in goals, while Dan Montgomery has been firing on all cylinders, leading defencemen in points with twenty-three! The funny thing is, while the results are great, the underlying numbers aren't quite as flattering - we're still one of the top teams, but we need to kick it up a notch if we want to go wire-to-wire here. We'll see what happens, but I am definitely happy with where we are, and it gives some room to try things out and see what works! +5 Bailey (1 Capped + Uncapped Package 2/5)
  9. +12 Kronos (Donation Doubles 2/2)
  10. Quik

    KnightTime #1004

    Should definitely try out for Canadian Idol (if that's still a thing?) with those notes you hit on the Whitney Houston joke ­čśŤ Also, you can probably re-use my questions about names in your next one if you need more, I meant actual names rather than draft rankings lol (and ACL TEAR is in the draft )
  11. I'll go with Sebastian Ironside @Rocketman04 / @Bushito
  12. 50 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 51 Seattle Bears @ Malmo Nighthawks 52 Moscow Menace @ Helsinki Titans ´╗┐ 53 Vancouver Wolves @ Seattle Bears
  13. EASTERN CONFERENCE (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes´╗┐´╗┐ Winner: ´╗┐Carolina # of Games: ´╗┐6 WESTERN CONFERENCE ´╗┐ (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (P2) San Jose Sharks Winner: San Jose # of Games: ´╗┐7
  14. I had originally tagged members in the post, but removed the tag when I edited it as I didn't think people would want a 2nd notification for the same post lol
  15. Yes, wording was a bit wonky, since this is the S65 thread, but it's not really an announcement that predictions are open. S66 Predictions are open now, and can be submitted HERE