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  1. Romaris

    VHL Predict the score (S62W2)

    legion 4-2
  2. Romaris

    VHL Pickem (S62W2)

    Titans Legion Dynamo Reign
  3. Romaris

    S62 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    OK I'll take shawn broduer then @Arthur or @Cornflakers
  4. Romaris

    VHLM Pickem (S62W1)

    Saskatoon Ottawa Olso storm Rush
  5. Romaris

    VHL Pickem (S62W1)

    Wranglers Meute Reign Titans
  6. Romaris

    S62 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Ay ay ron Ike arkander @Arthur or @Cornflakers
  7. Romaris

    S62 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    apparently zetna isnt playing.
  8. Romaris

    S62 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    your turn @Cornflakers or @Zetna
  9. Romaris

    Welcome Shou Tian!

    Soon as u create a player you are verified right away.
  10. Romaris

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) Looking Forward to winning the Flounders cup 2)I don't think anyone is under rated on the team I'm currently on since most have just started on there first team. 3) I don't have a problem with my current position but if my GM prefers to let someone else move up I'm more the willing to let them try it. 4)I like the team forum. Nothing to really add in it. 5)The advice I would give is have fun and don't sweat it to much about not making that much tpe. You will get up there. 6) Since I was on a stacked Yukon team last year and now moved to Ottawa lynx I really think that this team will be better then my previous team. 6b) Well since I already was drafted by the Quebec meute in 19th spot I can say much about this question
  11. Romaris

    PS GM 5: Vegas vs. Ottawa

    Thanks @McWolf glad to join Ottawa.