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  1. @TXC I would talk to you on the cord but cant risk people reporting me
  2. But really what happened to the chat bar? I want to know.
  3. Seeing on my post that not all people dont hate me anymore. I've decided to come back! Although I will not advance with my player for now and try to get him to the Vhl, I might in the eventual future. For now I will just be sticking around and talking in forums. (Btw what happened to the chat bar it was here like a week ago.)
  4. @GustavMattias I want to be Muff too.
  5. if anyone sees this I am just telling u guys that I will probably never come back to the VHL discord again. I had a good few weeks but I should have never lied about my age or anything else. Also all my discord accounts have been disabled due to people reporting me. I will probably never reveal my discord acct anymore and if someone finds it oh well. Anyways good luck guys and have fun. Also if anyone sees this, can you please reach out to Dil and also the whole community and tell them I said hi. I will try to comm with people as much as possible but I have found it hard to. Also hi Josh and Flyer cause u will prob see this. Also Jared informed me that Bana stepped down from VHLM commish and is now a gm also congrats on Sonnet as the new commish and I hope that everything is fine for Bana. Finally to who ever reads this if I am to return I hope everyone has a good time and remembers me. Also what happened to the chat bar???? Peace! P.S. (PLZ TELL DIL TO CHAT TO MEH) @Admin @Moderator @Members _ Thanks Elijah