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  1. Damien Salducci Defenseman Age: 18 Height: 6’0” Weight: 195 lbs. Shoots: R Current Team: Miami Marauders ROAD TO THE VHL/VHLM Hailing from a rare source of VHLM players, Italy, Damien Salducci has been making himself quite the ambassador for his country while playing far from home. He was a surprise pick in the 4th round of the season 77 draft by the Miami Marauders; expectations for his selection were that he’d be a safe choice for most teams with draft picks in the 5th round and onwards. Not one to wast
  2. 1. 9 games left in the season!! Sitting in 2nd in our conference, what do you want to see from our team in the final stretch?! Keeping all 9 games above .500 at the very least 2. Besides the Hounds who is our biggest threat? Definitely Saskatoon 3. Who has been the biggest addition to Miami this year? And if you’re a new player on the team which player do you really enjoy playing with? Jan Hlozek by a country mile. Killer on both ends of the ice. Look at the point production. 4. who do you think wins the title up in the VHL this season? Really
  3. Review: I haven't quite come across a piece, a short story, this like this before, and it's uniqueness got my attention immediately. It's obvious that not only a lot of care went into the story being told, but the characters as well. There was a lot of emotion leaping off the page, and it was refreshing to see a plot that while about hockey, wasn't actually about hockey. Also I think many of can sympathize with Masami's parental conflict. 9.5/10
  4. It wasn’t hard to enjoy watching the incendiary middle of season that the Miami Marauders showed the VHLM; they took themselves from a bottom feeder position in the standings to becoming the third best team overall in the league in a matter of weeks. Now that they’re in the last few laps of the regular season, the Marauders don’t have much more to do to establish a foothold in the playoffs. The players though remain professional and focused – they do not need to be told to not take their foot off the pedal. This is not the first rodeo for all players except one, the roo
  5. 1. Miami is the hottest team in the league right now! Why do you think the team has had this continued success? We always had the pieces to be winners, guess it just took the season to roll out for the chemistry and everything to click! 2. Which one of your fellow teammates has surprised you this season good or bad? Trevor Wallace is having a fantastic year. Big jump stats-wise. 3. Can we defeat the Hounds in a 7 game series? Not can, but when? 4, 5, 6, 7 games? 4. What from our locker-room will you take with you once you are in the VHL? It's b
  6. With the VHLM season being just over half-way complete, we check in with Damien Salducci, rookie defenseman for the Miami Marauders, on how he feels his game has progressed, what Miami’s chance of being champs is this season, his favourite spots in Miami, and more. It would be hard not to start this interview without mentioning the tear that the Marauders have been through over the last week or so. Miami has won most of its recent games, pulling it from the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference to second place there and third place overall in the league. What do you think ex
  7. 1. Miami has been on an absolute tear lately! Is this current play sustainable? Absolutely. This is the fruit of our hard work, I don't see a reason for us to lose our pace. 2. Considering where we are in the standings right now. How far do you expect as to go? Top 3 in the Eastern conference, no doubt. 3. Favourite part about being a marauder? Living in Miami! I've fallen in love with Cuban food. 4. Do you believe we should add a piece before the deadline to help us contend this year? A LW would help fill out our forward lines more, I think
  8. 1. How do you feel about the inconsistency of the Marauders play so far this season? I wouldn't be too hard on us, we still have a good goal differential, that's showing some positives. There is a lot of season left, too soon to pass judgement in my opinion. 2. Does Miami make the playoffs? 100% yes. 3. what do you believe you can do to help improve your player and in turn improve the Marauders? I need to keep upping my skills to the point I get can more ice time. I am averaging between 9-10 minutes a game which is hardly high-impact. 4. who do
  9. With the Miami Marauders settling just a tick above .500 with three wins and two losses in the their first five games, Damien Salducci finds himself as the only true rookie on the team while settling in one game at a time. “It’s been a real trial by fire, and I say that in the best way possible. I am surrounded by experienced teammates who have had success with Miami in previous seasons, and I don’t want to be a liability” shared Salducci. The Marauders have the second best goal differential in the Eastern Conference, something that Damien would enjoy contributing to more: “My firs
  10. 1. S77 is here Marauders!!!! Our first game is against the Hounds! Do we come out with the victory? Our team is stacked! Hard not to feel confident. 2. Who is your early prediction to lead our team in points this season? I think Delving Mackey is going to come out of the gates charging. 3. How important is it to get off to a good start this season? It's a big deal to get that momentum. The key is carrying it all the time until the playoffs though. Teams fail because of that. 4. If there was one team in the VHLM you absolutely wouldn’t want to pla
  11. I appreciate the feedback, thanks!
  12. New Miami Marauders defenseman Damien Salducci joined the hosts of VHL’s “Top Shelf” podcast for a quick chat during the busy draft season. Below is a transcription. Top Shelf: Firstly Damien we want to throw a big congrats your way for your selection in the VHLM draft for season 77. Are you now less nervous or more nervous than before the draft? Salducci: [Laughs} Um I’d say both, if that’s possible? No it definitely feels like a weight off my shoulders in one way, but when I think about it a lot more, realize what is up ahead, it starts to get a bit overwhelming. I am