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A look into the VHLM Awards



The Yukon Rush were once again Founder's Cup champions and also held onto the best regular season record. A team built well from top to bottom and they dominated the entire league. They have a great organization and system with a strong supporting cast of characters. If you really want to win a Founder's Cup then you should build a team like the Yukon Rush did this previous season.


MVP - Sakic Trophy: Dexter Morgan (TUR)
Morgan (TUR) - 5
 Vlasis (TUR) - 2,
Waldron (YUK) - 2
 Tremblay (MOS) - 1

Dexter Morgan dominated the east with the Turkou Outlaws and put up outstanding totals. Scoring over a hundred goals is an impressive feat! He stood out from his peers and won with a majority of the voting. Was he really the best? In truth I would have also voted for his teammate Dimothenis Vlasis who, as a defenseman, put up a 173 points. A goaltender also made his ballot and that was good to see that the Yukon's Brock Waldron put up a lively performance. Steve Tremblay is also a good selection to the ballot from the Moscow Red Wolves, with ninety seven goals. Will be quite exciting to see some of these players now graduating into the VHL.


Top Defenseman - Bourque Trophy: Don Draper (YUK)
Draper (YUK) - 5
 Vlasis (TUR) - 3
Yamazaki (TUR) - 2

This season's top defenseman was none other than our own Don Draper. This was quite the interesting vote since it looks like the Outlaws' vote were split between their top pairing. Did Draper really deserve this award? Vlasis put up nearly forty point more than Don but didn't have the physical aspects of Yamazaki and Draper. He still did block more shots than either of them. A defenseman on the ballot for the league's MVP isn't even the league's best defenseman it seems. To Draper's credit, he led his entire team in points and led the way for the Yukon Rush offense while playing rock solid defense.  He has all the tools to become a successful defenseman in the VHL.



Top Goalie - Sawchuk Trophy: Brock Waldron (YUK)
Waldron (YUK) - 9
Canseco (MOS) - 1

Someone actually have a vote to Canseco? This was a real head scratcher but the other teams seem to have hit this right on the head. There should be no doubt that Waldron was the best goaltender in the league and led in nearly all major statistical category at his position. You could say that he was a product of his team but that was not the case as you can see that his save percentage was also above and beyond of those of his peers. A stellar performance from a stellar goaltender. Whoever voted for Canseco needs to get checked, looking at you Moscow GM.

Top Two-Way Forward - Yzerman Trophy: Azi Ali (BER)
Ali (BER) - 9
Riggs (YUK) - 1



Another questionable vote on the ballot. Azi Ali played a tremendous 200 foot game and was an absolute force for the Bern Royals. Relied on to score, defend and lead. If you ever needed someone to block a shot or lay out some bodies then Ali would be the one guy you can count on. To the credit of Riggs, he was arguably the Yukon's best defensive forward and was a mainstay on their penalty kill.


These were the four major awards presented at the VHLM Awards with a few suspect votes. Successful showing for Brock Waldron who came away with three award nominations and proved to be a keeper. A lot of these players will be moving onto the VHL after their amazing seasons so it will be intriguing to see who our next leaders will be.

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