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S38 All-Star Game Rosters


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S38 All-Star Game Rosters
Host City: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

North American Conference

Anatoli Zhumbayev (TOR) - Niklas Lindberg (TOR) - Odin Tordahl (NYA)
Karsten Olsen (SEA) - Tom Slaughter (NYA) - Travis Boychuk (CAL)

Conner Low (NYA) - Godavari Yumalatopinto (CAL)
Jack Sound (TOR) - Niklas Valiq (QUE)

Tuomas Tukio (NYA)
Remy LeBeau (TOR)
Steven Smyl (SEA)

European Conference

Brennan McQueen (RIG) - Kameron Taylor (RIG) - Thomas Landry (DAV)
Willem Janssen (VAS) - Davey Jones (DAV) - Jarkko Olsen (DAV)

Vojczek Svoboda (HSK) - Matt Bentley (DAV)
Edwin Encarnacion (COL) - Malcom Spud (RIG)

Eggly Bagelface (VAS)
Mike Szatkowski Jr. (RIG)
Lennox Moher (DAV)

Congratulations to all those voted!

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My first All-Star selection and I have the honor of starting. Very excited about this! :-D

Congrats to all selected, particularly my teammates. Good job guys!

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