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S39 Helsinki Titans Captains


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The Helsinki Titans are proud to announce the captains for the Season 39 year. These three were chosen by the team and management, and we are proud to have them represent the Titans both on and off the ice. Without further ado, here are our captains.


Captain: Vojtek Svoboda

Assistant Captains: Don Draper and Jackson Miller


This was a difficult decision based on the fact that we have a LR full of guys worthy of the "C".


:hel: :hel: :hel: :hel: :hel: :hel: :hel: :hel: :hel: :hel: :hel:

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Congrats, Svobo on the captaincy.

Congrats to the alternates as well.


Who would have thought in our Turku days we would both go on to captain our VHL teams so soon?


Obviously Metis/Kesler is some kind of leadership guru.

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