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My 1500+ TPE Dream Team!!


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So I have to admit when I saw the theme for this week I was pretty excited, well in the sense that it shouldn't be to difficult. I have been working on a series where I cover players that have crossed the 1500 TPE threshold and so far I've covered 16 players in it, recently Gustav's player Taro Tsujimoto passed 1500 giving me a 26th player to cover and I could see a 27th player making it before the series is done to, but that's not why we're here. A lot of lists tend to give themselves a stipulation to follow, in mine it's simple, they must have crossed 1500 TPE to be eligible for this list, that's it. With that let's get started!! (So I just realized something, I was going through all 26 players and realized that none of them are right wingers, so gonna break my 1500 TPE rule for that slot)


Center: Podrick Cast



My pick for center is Podrick Cast, a 1935 TPE player who never fell below a point per game and had four 100 point season, even in his worst season he still had 80 points and he never failed to score less than 33 goals or 47 assists, who wouldn't take a player that guarantees you that many goals and points a season? His 174 point season is still one of the best in the league, tied for second best if read the list correctly, he had 79 goals and 95 assists that season and won four awards that season. His other 100 points seasons consist of 46 or more goals and 54 or more assists. His regular season career numbers 379 goals, 467 assists, and 846 points. While his numbers do fall a little flat in the playoffs, or at least aren't what you'd expect from a player of his level he still was always chipping in and usually at a point per game in the playoffs. Cast is just a guy you can count on for points and he never failed in that regard.


Left Winger: Gabriel McAllister



McAllisters career was one of my favorites to read up on and look at in my series and there's just no way he doesn't make this list. A player from the S56 draft he might have very well been the first guy to break 1600 TPE. Like Cast McAllister never fell below a point per-game in his career, and again never failed to score at least 80 points in a season. While he only has three 100 point season two of them are above 120 points and he has two seasons that ended at 99 points. His goal scoring ability was one of the best, only failing to score 40 or more goals one time, at the one time he was at 39. He has five seasons with 50 or more goals scored and would always get you a minimum of 41 assists. His regular season totals saw him end with just three goals shy of 400, 429 assists and 826 points. He won awards in almost every season he played in, S54-S56, S58-S61, and S63. And it doesn't stop there, he was a beast in the playoffs to, in S59 he scored 28 points in 16 games, including 11 goals. S61 he had 23 points in 14 games, 12 of them goals. His playoff number are just great, 44 goals, 48 assists, 92 points in 62 playoff games. Yea Gabriel easily earns my pick for left winger.


Right Winger: Justin Lose



So I had to break my rule here as none of the 26 players above 1500 TPE are right wingers, I went with a player who could end up passing 1500 TPE, and that's Justin Lose who at the time of writing this sits at 1409 TPE. Trust me I'm confused to, how in the hell are none of the current 26 players that have passed 1500 TPE right wingers? I don't know but Lose could become the first to pass to do so. So far in his career the right winger has never failed to score less than 23 goals or 35 assists. He has passed a point per game three times so far during his career and is looking to do it a fourth time this season with 59 points in 50 games. Last season was his best with 142 points, 72 goals and 70 assists. While he may never repeat that he's still be a great player, his current career totals are 255 goals, 288 assists for 543 points, I'd say he has a chance at ending with over 700 points, it's pretty slim though. He did win four awards in S81 for that amazing season. In the playoffs he's been pretty good to, 18 points in 15 games across all of his appearances, 10 of this points came in six games in S81, five goals and assists. I hope youloser1337 will push Lose to getting over 1500 TPE to have the first right winger over that mark.


Defenseman #1: Roque Davis



For my blue liners I'm going with two d-man that ended just one TPE apart and both played against each other two for a number of seasons. Roque Davis sits at 1628 TPE and had four seasons at or above a point per game, including one season over 100 points. His 103 point season saw him record 86 helpers and 17 goals. He won eight awards and earned 572 points over his career, 144 goals and 428 assists. Every season he blocked 125 or more shots and ended with 1133 in total, he threw 1185 hits over his eight seasons. You could count on Davis for at least 12 goals each season and had 25 goals his his rookie season, he was a great passer to with seven seasons of 40 or more assists. He was a big playoff performer to, having 64 points over 52 games, in S75 he had 10 goals and 26 points in 17 games, in S76 he was an assist per game with 14 and 15 overall points, and in S77 he had 13 assists, 16 points in 12 games. A great blue liner.


Defenseman #2: Condor Adrienne



My second pick for my blue line is Condor Adrienne who finished at 1629 TPE, eighth overall on that TPE list. Adrienne was a guy who seemed to get better as he got over, the second half of his career saw him get over a point per game each time when he had failed to do that in his first four seasons, he had two 100 point seasons in that back half to. Condor threw 200 plus hits in seven of his eight seasons and has 1144 career blocked shots. In his best 110 point season he scored 28 goals and 82 helpers, although his other 100 point season, where he finished on 100 on the dot saw him get a career high 35 goals and get 65 assists. Overall during the course of his career, he finished two points she of 600, got 156 into the back of the net, and had 442 helpers. Much like his regular season he was more dangerous in the second half, making it to the post six times his last three times were amazing. 18 points in 12 games, 13 points in 9 games, and 18 points in 19 games, each time getting over 10 assists. Overall he finished with 69 points in 66 games, 14 goals and 55 assists. Oh ya he also won awards through S72-S75, easy pick for the blue line.


Goaltender: Rayz Funk



Finally we get to the goaltender, my favorite position, I was tempted to pick my own goalie, in fact in a previous theme week that I think was dream team focused I did, but I wanted to go with one of the best GM's I ever played under and one of the best goalies that Hexy got to play against. Rayz Funk sits at 1512 TPE and has three seasons above 40 wins. His best season record wise was 41-15-4 and that season he finished with .921 save percentage and 2.48 GAA along with 6 shutouts. His best save percentage in a season was .923 with 8 shutouts which he accomplished twice actually, he had a career low 2.25 GAA that season and a record of 39-22-4. Funk won five trophies during his career and captured the Continental cup fours times all with Seattle. Regular season career wise he's 294-179-40, .917 save percentage, 2.56 GAA and 36 shutouts. In the playoffs almost every season his numbers where fantastic, .935, .924, .926, .937, .902, and .936. Besides the .902 those are all amazing number and his career playoff save percentage is .930 and his GAA is 2.09. Overall record wise it's 55-20-10 with 7 shutouts. 


There you go, my dream team of almost all over 1500 TPE players, only breaking the rule because I didn't want to choose a left winger or center as my right winger. If you add up all these TPE number together you get 9,426 total, that's a high TPE team.


(word count 1531)

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