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Claimed:Laichly Rift's Pajodcast Episode 102 - How Do Planes Work?


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We are joined by a man who fears nothing, except for spiders and the understanding of air travel. The leagues very own main commish, Victor. You may hear me out of the left and everyone else out of the right this time, since despite having it set to mono I couldn't hear myself at all but my headphones left side is broken. No idea why it recorded that way this time. 


Show wise, we talk the idea to reduce the number of teams in the league, the lucky people and teams who have set records in the last few seasons, give a rundown of people we think will have breakthrough performances and underwhelm next season as well as some coverage of the playoffs. Enjoy. 

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Hmm, actually strangely enough my audio is there on the Zippyshare file but it is SUPER quiet. No idea why that happened. Adjusting that is difficult since adjusting the audio levels on the file would also make everyone else louder. Grumble. Just going to have to live with it this week folks, apologies. 

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For the record:

Fulton Reed

Dean Portman

Adam Banks

Charlie Conway

Gordon Bombay (Was a coach for Cologne)

Greg Goldberg

Julie Gaffney


All have been used in some form


I feel like a group of us should get together and all collaborate to create the entire Ducks team all at the same time, and try to all get onto the same team. :P 

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Context: 3/3

Pajodcast with Victor > Pajodcast without Victor. Interesting discussion on this podcast and frankly I don't feel like saying much else because I'm fairly drunk atm. Oh, also thanks for the positive shoutout Devise ;)


Professionalism: 2/2



Editing: 1/1

Sounds good. Victors accent is fun.


Overall: 6/6

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