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The End


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It is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from sim leagues for life.


This wasn't an easy decision to make because sim leagues have been a big part of my life for about 7 years now. Started with the SHL (old site) and now it's ending with the VHL. I tried really hard to stay motivated, but it's time for me to quit while I'm ahead. I don't want to become a welfare player because that's never been who I am.


It's not that I don't have the time, it's that I don't have the motivation, the love for it anymore. There have been a few things that have happened in my life recently that have gutted me, and I just don't have any more energy to give. The death of my girlfriend's father and the death of my best friend's grandfather weigh heavy on my heart as these are families which are very intertwined with mine. I also had a fallout with a previous sim league that left me wondering why the fuck I even do this stuff anymore, when it can all be taken away by one person with the snap of a finger (or in this case, the click of a mouse).


I want to thank everyone who I've ever talked to in a sim league for sharing stories, laughs, and ultimately their lives with me. But I'm going to go ahead and mention some people individually. If you think you've been left out, just comment here and I'll add something for you.


Much love all.




Eaglesfan - Thanks for picking me up on waivers and being there for me for a chat whenever I needed you. You take care bud.


Draper - You're an awesome guy. Thanks for getting me this grader job as an unproven, and you also listened to me bitch about my life at many an occasion. Thank you.


Smarch - You're a good guy. Fuck the Roughriders. Actually, fuck Saskatchewan. Slimy cousin-fuckers.


Moneyman - Loved talking baseball with you :)


Ramicus - You're also a really good guy. Good luck with your blog and your life.


Victor - Keep doing you. You're as real as you come. Thanks for the advice and for the laughs.


Kendrick - Always a pleasure to talk to you. You're good shit.




Emidas - Good luck with your life. You were my first true friend in a sim league and for that, I thank you


Green - You are top class. Literally a badass in every league you join, and a true friend whenever I wanted to talk. I related to you in a bunch of different levels and you were a pleasure to talk with


Shane - Top class commish with a few downfalls. Ultimately, a few things happened and we ended poorly. I won't sugar-coat this as I do believe what happened with us to be a big contributor in my loss of motivation for sim leagues, but before that, your love for your sim league got me more active than any sim league I've ever been in before.


Stevo - I like you. You're down to earth and easy to talk to. Good luck with life.


Cuffy - Fuck you


Philly - I know I gave you a lot of shit. And I did think an awful long time about just writing "fuck you" here for you, but you work hard. So I'll give you that at least.


Tits - You were really nice for the time I knew you, but due to how things ended, I can't say too many nice things about BoD members.


Evans - Dude! You were awesome! Literally always there for me, you supported me until the end, and for that, cheers.


Notail - Really nice guy. Keep doing what you're doing.


Cornholio - Really fun to have you on my team. Hopefully all is well :)


Goo - I like you :) Fun talking wrestling and all with you. You seem down to earth.


AZ - Funny guy, don't change.


Zach - Don't let anyone change who you are. You're actually funny as all hell and a pretty unique personality.


Dennis - Solid guy, but TBH I didn't know you too too well.


Carlton - People hated you for pretty much no reason but even though you pretty much hated me during my early existence in the league, I think in the end we had a pretty good friendship.


Molholt - Well we've had arguments, for sure. But I think you're an awesome guy and you never let people bullshit you, which is good :)


philthethrill - We didn't talk too much really, but when we did, you were always really nice :)


PrimeT - Good guy with a good heart. Always the calm mind, never let emotions get in the way.


DT - I'll see you on xbox one day I'm sure. (although I can never remember if that's you or not? Grafixx? Or was that wallflower? lol... I'll never know now.)




YEAH!! - Hilarious guy in the USFL and in the VHL. People like you make sim leagues fun.


CIA - Chicago was way too fun. Too bad you kind of disappeared after the USFL but you are awesome.


Glove - Nice meeting you. You didn't last long, but just in case you come back, I appreciated our conversations


Shaka - Football is my love (and baseball tbh...) so thank you for making this football sim league a reality.




Joshua Botelho - Well, what can I say? You are my name... Elite super athlete in hockey and in basketball, you were always successful.


EEEEE EEEEEEEEE - QB sacking monster! People didn't take you seriously at first, but fuck em! Long life the dolphin!


Ken Anderson - I just wanted to think of the most generic name possible because after what happened to Botelho in the SBA, it was time for a change.


Boris Belov - You were one funny mother fucker. We had the whole league (minus Victor) thinking that you were some random Russian who spoke little English. "I punch people"


Karol Kuzmin - Another Russian I made for an attempt to get back into the SHL, but it fell flat.


So that's it. Enjoy the read, and rest easily knowing that you did make a difference in my life. You all did. Sim leagues were a safe-haven for me for many years. Love you all. Please post if I've missed you and I'll add you ASAP :)

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Shit man, sad to see you go. Definitely one of the best play-by-play guys I've had the pleasure to witness in action.


Safe travels and remember, you don't need to have a player to stop by.  :cheers:

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I never talked to you before in my life but I feel for you as I have been there before in my life. It sucks but remember to keep your head up and your eyes forward. You'll get through this and who knows maybe you can come back like I did.

Best of luck man.

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CIA - Chicago was way too fun. Too bad you kind of disappeared after the USFL but you are awesome.


Totally missed this before now. Life happens unfortunately, but glad I got to be on a team with you. That was a fun experience, and I wouldn't trade my only GM job for anything. Best of luck with all going forward!

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