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S43 Team USA Roster


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o7u42g.pngTEAM USA Rosterso7u42g.png
Bruno Wolf
Freedom McJustice
James Faraday 
Thomas O'Malley
Tom Slaughter
Tyson Stokes 
Jack Kowalski
Jake Wylde 
Jerrick Poole 
Mason Richardson 
Brock Waldron 
Niklaus Mikaelson 
 I'd like to congratulate each and everyone who was selected to represent Team USA at the World Championships. The task was not a simple one,as it's tough to leave a few active guys out but do not let this discourage you! Push forward my fellow Americans - your time will come soon enough! Once again, congratulations. Now let's go out there and get ready to show the other nations how to play hockey. You hear that Canada, eh? We're coming for you. 
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sort of like you just showed up to collect Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy 



stfu atleast wolf (best player from s38 btw) won a trophy, what has draper done?

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yup gonna be a beat down

get back to me in a couple weeks

Shudnt u get back to him?

Lik i no ur a lil git dat was left by his mum at da altar but dats no reason for u to be liak dis my sun

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