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VHL Big Brother

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Big Brother VHL - Meet the Houseguests

The first ever episode of Big Brother VHL is on the horizon. This is a new series which puts individuals into a completely isolated home with no communication with the outside world. The contestants will be competing for a $1 million grand prize, which will go towards a charity of their choosing. There will be weekly competitions to determine who is in power and who will be at risk of going home! 
Other iterations of Big Brother have featured complete strangers, but this version will feature players, members and personalities from the Victory Hockey League, which means there could be some relationships from outside the house that could affect gameplay within in. Alliances will be forged and backs will be stabbed, all in the name of charity! Big Brother VHL was filmed during the offseason to ensure that players were able to return to their respective teams in time for the season. Before we venture into the house, let's take a chance to get to know the houseguests that will be spending the offseason with us!


Archie Wagner

Wagner is a younger member of the VHL, having went through the S44 VHL Entry Draft. He is a VHL prospect for the Davos Dynamo, but he currently plays for the Yukon Rush in the VHLM. Archie's lack of a well known VHL reputation could either work in his favor or against him. Will he fly under the radar or strike up new relationships to survive?

Ariel Weinstein

Weinstein is currently a member of the Saskatoon Wild in the VHLM and will be looking to enter the S45 VHL Entry Draft. At 19, he will be one of the youngest houseguests, will he be able to hold his own against the more experienced VHL players, or will his unknown personality win over everyone in the house? Weinstein is also the first goalie of our cast.

Bismarck Koenig

Bismarck Koenig is a South African product who entered the S42 VHL Draft, playing for the Davos Dynamo before making his way to the Cologne Express via trade. Koenig is a VHL player entering his prime and has been a 100 point scorer. His knowledge of potential houseguests and well-liked reputation could bode well for him, or make him a target.

Edwin Reencarnacion

Edwin is a S44 VHL Draftee and is a bit more well-known than the previously mentioned Wagner. In fact, Reencarnacion was the 1st overall selection in that draft! On the ice, he tends to be considered a physical and imposing presence, but off of it he can be considered quite the lovable personality. He will likely enter the house with plenty of options to work with other houseguests, but could turn people away with his sometimes crazy antics.

Golden Jedtsson

Jedtsson is a New York Americans prospect who came into the VHL in S43. His team just drafted Reencarnacion, but the two have likely not had a chance to become acquainted, could this give us an idea of how the two will get along in New York? It will be interesting to see if this talented young defender can gain some more national attention for the rebuilding Americans.

Hans Wingate

The second goalie in our cast (Weinstein), Wingate comes to the Big Brother house from the Calgary Wranglers. He was the 3rd overall selection in the S43 VHL Entry Draft and has been one of the best goalie prospects in the league who many hope can make that leap to the elite status soon. We'll see if there is any sort of goalie alliance that takes place, or if VHL matters will have any effect on how people come together.

Jackson Miller

Miller is our oldest houseguest so far, coming from the S39 VHL Entry Draft, three years before any of our previous houseguests. Miller has spent time with the Helsinki Titans and Toronto Legion and is now a new member of the Calgary Wranglers. He will have a great opportunity to get to know his new teammates, such as Hans Wingate and our next houseguest.

Kerkko Hyvärinen

Hyvärinen is a new member of the Calgary Wranglers, selected by the team in the most recent S44 Draft with the 2nd overall pick. He, like Miller, will have a chance to get to know some of his new teammates. Hyvärinen is one of the more physically imposing contestants at 6'7 and ~250 pounds, which could benefit him in physical challenges.

Le'Sean Coutzen

Coutzen is our first member of the Riga Reign, although he currently resides with the Oslo Storm in the VHLM. He entered the VHL in S44. A center, Coutzen might be expected to be a heady competitor who excels in mental or pressure based situations, although his VHL experience might indicate otherwise. Will he find a group to work with in the game or be on the outskirts?

Marquis Hyvärinen

Another Hyvärinen, and of course they are related! Marquis is the brother of Kerkko, which could be a major benefit or a curse in the game. As Marquis is a younger player and new face for the Yukon Rush, there is the slight possibility that the other contestants may not even know of the relation. Do they try to keep it under the radar or come out with the information? Will they have a strong bond or fight like only brothers can?

Niklaus Mikaelson

Another goalie to the cast and our only houseguest from the S43 cup champion Seattle Bears. Niklaus now suits up for the Quebec City Meute after being traded just before being whisked away to the Big Brother house. A very noticeable personality, Mikaelson could be a polarizing player in the game. Will he forge alliances or only find new enemies?

Phil Hamilton

Our 3rd current member of the Yukon Rush, Hamilton is eligible for the S45 VHL Entry Draft where he projects as one of the top picks. Although a relative newbie to the VHL, Phil Hamilton seems to have a positive reputation among those who have played with him. Will he be able to win over the houseguests just as easily, or will he simply be too much of a threat for others to keep around?

Simon Valmount

Valmount is yet another S44 VHL Draftee and is our second member of the Riga Reign. However, much like our previous member (Coutzen), Valmount isn't with Riga yet and is spending this season in the VHLM. Valmount plays for the Bratislava Watchmen. Will he be able to team up with and form a connection with Coutzen based on their future VHL destination?

Travis Boychuk

The longest tenured VHL resident, Boychuk is a S37 VHL draftee. A long serving member of both the Calgary Wranglers and Quebec City Meute, Boychuk has always been a hard to dislike individual. He could have ties to a lot of groups within the game, but he might also be out of touch and unfamiliar with the younger generation of VHL talent that will be in the house. How will he be able to manage the age gap?

Tyler Cote

Cote is yet another member of the Calgary Wranglers, but is also a new member, coming to the team via trade from Toronto. He has an opportunity to interact with future teammates, like the others. Cote is a S40 draftee, which puts him on the older end of the spectrum, but he is pretty close to being right in the middle. Will he be able to forge relationships with both the older players like Boychuk as well as the newer prospects?

Wesley Babiy

Babiy is the youngest contestant, just hardly being considered an adult. A new addition to the VHLM, Babiy joined the Oslo Storm from the Ukraine. Being so fresh to the league, he will enter the game with very little prior knowledge of the other houseguests, so it should be interesting to see how he fits in. 

Stay tuned for the pilot episode of Big Brother VHL soon!

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Episode 01




Big Brother VHL - Entering the House




Welcome to Molholt's version of VHL Big Brother, the show that puts a group of people inside a home, completely secluded from the outside world and has them compete to be the last one standing through evictions and challenges that will test them physically and mentally. They will have to work together, forge alliances and find common ground to get the end. Who will win the first ever edition of VHL Big Brother? Let's find out!



Introductions Roll, crowd gets to know the house guests that will be on this season.


"Hello everyone and welcome to Big Brother VHL, I'm your host, Molholt. Who is ready to see where you'll be spending your offseason?"

The entire group answers with positive cheers, standing outside the Big Brother house, waiting to see who will be entering the house first. Brief introductions will follow, but it will also be crucial in determining which bed you'll be staying in at the beginning of the game, and who you'll be rooming nearby. Also, will there be enough spots for everyone to have their own bed, or will some be left out?


"The first group to enter the house will be... Kerkko, Archie, Phil, Ariel, Hans, Niklaus, Travis and Simon! You may now enter!"


The selected house guests appear to be excited, grabbing their bags and heading inside. Outside the remaining house guests wait patiently. Inside the first selected are scrambling to find the best rooms, as well as getting to know each other. Ariel Weinstein and Phil Hamilton recognize each other from the same draft class, they introduce themselves and already they seem to have a bond


"The following house guests may now enter the Big Brother house... Wesley, Tyler, Marquis, Le'Sean, Golden and Bismarck. Go on in!"


The six head inside, begin meeting those who have already selected their rooms and pick from what is left. It appears that they've taken up all of the open beds. Outside, Edwin Reencarnacion and Jackson Miller await their entrance, Miller looks annoyed. 


"Jackson and Edwin, you may now enter the house!"

They both head inside, eager to meet the others and find out where they'll be sleeping. It becomes apparent quickly that they won't have a bed to call their own. Edwin seems fine with this realization...


"Yeah, I think I'll just find myself a nice spot on a couch or something. I never really needed a fancy place to sleep. Plus, I'll probably find my way into someone else's bed soon enough anyway. - Edwin Reencarnacion

Miller appears to still be annoyed at the fact that he'll be last, but he keeps it to himself for now, settling in the living room area with the rest of the house guests. They all begin to converse, getting to know one another. Some of them are already familiar, while others are relatively unknown. Everyone seems to know Travis Boychuk, although he isn't very familiar with the younger group. As they talk, they are interrupted by the host Molholt with a new directive.


"Hello again house guests, I hope you're ready to get the competitions under way, as it is already time to crown our Head of Household!  But first, we have a special twist that some of you might be familiar with, the Battle of the Block twist! That means that each week there will be two Heads of Household, who will both nominate two players for eviction. Each group of two nominees will compete in a head to head battle to determine who stays on the block for eviction and which Head of Household remains in power!"



Big Brother VHL - Head of Household Competition



The group has mixed emotions about this announcement. Some surprise, but mostly excitement. It seems that most of the contestants have done a little research on the show, and probably saw this coming. We head to the backyard where we see the first group preparing for their competition: Niklaus, Marquis, Hans, Ariel, Le'Sean, Wesley, Edwin and Bismarck make up the first grouping. The first competition is a balancing act, as each player is required to stand upon a novelty sized hockey stick, protruding from a wall. The last person to remain standing is the first Head of Household! The only catch? Large, plastic hockey pucks are periodically "shot" at the contestants to test their balance. The competition begins!


As the competition begins, immediately Edwin Reencarnacion begins shouting at the players next to him, jokingly throwing obscenities that the show must censor at Wesley and Le'Sean. Wesley actually tries to redirect one of the plastic pucks at Edwin to knock him off, perhaps somewhat outside of the "rules," which actually causes Babiy to fall off. Edwin and Le'Sean both fall off in a fit of laughter. 


Diary Room Interview: "I knew I didn't want to win the first competition and look like a huge threat, so I figured I would have some fun and hopefully cause some people to fall. Obviously it worked like a charm." - Edwin Reencarnacion

Niklaus Mikaelson tries to follow suit with Edwin's smack talking, but it doesn't go over well for him. The house guests seem to think he's a bit brash and find his taunting annoying. He gets hit with a hockey puck, while not paying attention and falls off of his plank. Marquis falls off as well, looking a bit sad, perhaps falling off to hide that his feelings might have been hurt by something Niklaus said, or perhaps he just didn't want to win early on like Edwin. 


Diary Room Interview: "Yeah I think it went really well, they definitely got that I was joking around." - Niklaus Mikaelson

With just Hans, Ariel and Bismarck left, the pucks became more frequent and more targeted. Hans was catching a lot of them, he seemed to be playing his own little game. Koenig fell out of the blue, and the surprise seemed to take Ariel and Hans' focus off of the game. They both looked in his direction and both fell at the same time! Hans hit first!


"Congratulations Ariel, you are the first Head of Household in Big Brother VHL!"

The second group of house guests were preparing to compete as the first group congratulated Ariel. The second competition was called "Penalty Box," although it was nothing like one. The contestants had to hold on to a suspended box for as long as they could, using only their hands and arms to grip the dangling box. This competition went by much quicker than the first, as people began falling almost immediately. It seems no one had a great strategy for holding on except for Tyler Cote and Golden Jedtsson. Golden asks Tyler if he would keep him safe if he fell and Cote agreed. Golden dropped on purpose just 7 minutes into the competition to give Tyler Cote the second Head of Household!

"Congratulations Tyler, you will join Ariel as the first Heads of Households in BBVHL. You will both share the HoH room until one of you is dethroned with the Battle of the Block. Be thinking about who you want to nominate, because the nomination ceremony will be here quicker than you think!"



Big Brother VHL - Around the House




 The house guests return to the living room and continue discussing the HOH competition. Everyone is congratulating Ariel and Tyler on their victories and trying to gauge who will be nominated. We see a cut away of Jackson Miller wondering around the house alone after going to the bathroom. Miller wanders into the room in which Kerkko, Simon and Wesley are staying in. Noticing some of Kerkko's things on one of the beds and still being upset about not getting one of his own, Miller flips Kerkko's bed over


Diary Room Interview: "It just really annoys me that a prospect would get to go into the house before me. It is mostly just a little bit of rookie hazing though, welcome to Calgary!" - Jackson Miller




Big Brother VHL - Nomination Ceremony




We see prior footage of the reaction to Miller's bed flip. The house seems split on the "prank," with some finding it funny, including Kerkko, but others find it cruel or annoying. Ariel and Tyler meet to discuss who they will nominate. Ariel is thinking of random house guests, because he just doesn't know who is a threat yet and hasn't had time to socialize much. Cote seems to have a target in mind already. We head to the nomination ceremony where Ariel Weinstein is preparing his nominations...


"As Heads of Household, we must both each nominate two players for eviction. By random draw, I will nominate first. The first person I have nominated is..."




Wesley Babiy


"...the second nomination is..."




Bismarck Koenig


"I have chosen you Wesley and you Bismarck. I haven't had much of a chance to talk game with either of you yet, so I wish you the best of luck in the Battle of the Block, but it is nothing personal."


Wesley seems annoyed, his lips showing his frustration with being nominated by a fellow prospect. Koenig seems unfazed. Tyler Cote prepares to make his nominations.


"My first nomination is..."




Jackson Miller


"...second nomination..."




Niklaus Mikaelson


"Miller, I've nominated you primarily for the bed incident. With it being so early on, I had to find a reason to put up someone else next to Niklaus. Niklaus, I want you out of here - I can't stand you. Sorry, I won't hold anything back. This concludes the nomination ceremony."


Mikaelson immediately begins jawing back at Cote, as the two start to get into an insult laden argument. The rest of the house guests disperse, with some consoling the nominees and others celebrating their safety. 


Who will wind up staying on the block after the Battle of the Block removes one group of nominations and dethrones one of the house guests? Will someone win the Power of Veto and utilize it to veto one of the nominations? Who will be the first house guest to be evicted from the house? Find out on the next episode of Big Brother VHL!




Footer: All events in the game are done through a simulator. I write the story around those things, so as to not make any decisions on who wins/loses, etc. Any depictions of players are my own and are meant to be fun - if you're offended by something, let me know and I'll do it more. Kidding. 

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Episode 02




Big Brother VHL - Battle of the Block




Welcome to Molholt's version of VHL Big Brother, the show that puts a group of people inside a home, completely secluded from the outside world and has them compete to be the last one standing through evictions and challenges that will test them physically and mentally. They will have to work together, forge alliances and find common ground to get the end. Who will win the first ever edition of VHL Big Brother? Let's find out!



Introduction sequence rolls, we jump right in to the Big Brother backyard where we see the four nominees, Wesley Babiy, Bismarck Koenig, Jackson Miller and Niklaus Mikaelson preparing to compete. 


"Hello houseguests and welcome to the Battle of the Block competition! As you all probably know, the Battle of the Block pits the pairs of nominees against each other. The winning team will be removed from the nomination block and the Head of Household that nominated them will be dethroned! While the nominees will have earned their safety for the week, the HOH who is dethroned will be vulnerable. For this competition, you will make snowballs and throw them to your partner. Your partner will have to catch the snowball and fill a jug with the snow. The first to fill their jug will win! Of course, we have to throw in one last caveat, you must catch the snowballs with a goalie mask, good luck!"

The competitors look prepared and a horn sounds, signaling the start of the competition. Babiy begins forming and throwing snowballs to Koenig. They seem to have a strategy of quality over quantity. Babiy is packing the snowballs very tightly to ensure that they don't explode as much when they hit the wiring of the goalie mask. Miller and Mikaelson aren't having the same luck. Miller is throwing as many snowballs as possible, but they are more shoddily made. Mikaelson is having trouble collecting any snow from the snowball explosions that keep happening in his mask. 


"Early on in this competition and already we see different strategies. It seems to be paying off for Bismarck and Wesley, will Niklaus and Jackson change their strategy?"


Jackson begins packing the snowballs tighter and they start making more progress on their jug. However, Wesley and Bismarck have a sizable lead already, it seems their strategy has paid off. They cruise to a win and dethrone Ariel! A horn sounds to signal the competition is over.


"That sound means that we have a winner, congratulations Wesley and Bismarck! You are both safe for the week. That means that Ariel is now dethroned as Head of Household! Miller and Mikaelson, you are still on the block for the week. I'll return later for the veto competition."


The house guests congratulate Bismarck and Wesley on their victory. A time of celebration for them means it is time to kick it into another gear for Jackson and Niklaus, who are now in danger of going home this week! 


Diary Room Interview: "It feels really good to be safe for the week, I just hope this doesn't paint a bigger target on our backs for the future. I don't want to be seen as too much of a competition threat." - Bismarck Koenig

We see the Head of Household room, as the remaining Head of Household, Tyler Cote, ponders how he wants the Power of Veto competition to go... 


Diary Room Interview: "My target was Niklaus, but maybe it will be worth keeping him around as he'll always make himself a bigger target than me. Perhaps I should bring some people in on a back door deal." - Tyler Cote

The house guests are called to the living room to prepare for the Veto Selection meeting. The Power of Veto is won by one competitor and allows the winner to veto one of the Head of Household's nominations, forcing them to select someone else as a replacement. Since not all house guests can participate in the competition, the reigning HoH and the two nominees (who participate by default) select names out of a hat to see who else will compete. 


"Hello again house guests, it is time to select players for the Power of Veto competition! Tyler will select first, followed by Jackson and then Niklaus. Please take a name from the bag!"


Tyler reaches in and pulls out a name, revealing Simon Valmount's name to the group. Jackson Miller selects Marquis Hyvarinen from the bag and Niklaus finishes it off with Phil Hamilton, finishing up the six competitors for the Power of Veto!



Big Brother VHL - Power of Veto Competition



Gathered in the back yard are the contestants, surrounding a large pit of "snow sludge," which looks like and has the consistency of puke. It just happens to be white. The host, Molholt, has already explained to the contestants that inside the sludge are hockey pucks with letters on them. The house guests must find letters and each spell a word, the person who spells the longest word wins. The competition begins! 


Diary Room Interview: "I pretty much knew right away what I wanted to spell, the problem was just going to be finding the letters to complete it." - Simon Valmount

Some house guests seem to have a good idea of what they are going for, others are not having the same luck. Tyler Cote takes the opportunity to throw sludge at Niklaus anytime he isn't looking, but doesn't seem to be having success with his word. We see Jackson looking very calm during the competition, but he might not have enough time to complete whatever he is working on! Niklaus buzzes in early, locking in his word, he seems very pleased. The rest of the house guests scramble to finish up as the horn sounds to end the competition. The contestants begin revealing their words one by one.


Cote reveals his word to much laughters: DICKS appears on the screen, although it is censored. A correctly spelled, five letter word. Simon Valmount reveals his attempt: NEUROSCINC. An incorrectly spelled, 10 letter word that leaves Tyler in the lead.


Diary Room Interview: "I couldn't find all of the "Es" that I needed to spell neuroscience. It is a shame, because I think I would've won!" - Simon Valmount

Niklaus Mikaelson reveals his word: VAMPIRES. A correctly spelled, 8 letter word that puts him in the lead! Marquis reveals his word: DIS. Marquis seems pleased, although he didn't appear to want to win this competiton. An incorrectly spelled, 3 letter word. Mikaelson remains in the lead. Phil Hamilton flips his board to reveal: VICTORY. A correctly spelled, 7 letter word that leaves Mikaelson in the lead. 


Diary Room Interview: "I really wanted to win with "victory." Would there be a more fitting word?" - Phil Hamilton


The last contestant is Jackson Miller, who needs a 9 letter word or more to win and 8 letters to tie. He flips his board to reveal: VICTORIES. A correctly spelled, 9 letter word that gives Jackson Miller the Power of Veto!

Diary Room Interview: "I cannot believe I didn't think of that." - Phil Hamilton


Miller is ecstatic and Mikaelson couldn't be more upset. He seemed safe up until the last minute and now Miller has the chance to pull himself off of the block if he wants to, and why wouldn't he!?


"Congratulations Jackson, you've won the first Power of Veto of the offseason! You can use it to veto one of Tyler's nominations during the Veto Ceremony later today. Please take some time to think about what you'll do."



Big Brother VHL - Around the House




 Back in the Big Brother house the house guests are starting to try to gauge how each other will vote. Tyler begins coming up with a gameplan as insurance in case Jackson uses the Power of Veto to pull himself off of the block. Talk of a backdoor plan becomes prominent. A replacement nominee is the best way to get rid of a target that you'd like to "backdoor," as they no longer have the Battle of the Block or the Power of Veto opportunities to remove themselves from the block. Tyler seems to have at least some support for his plan. We go to the Veto Ceremony.


Diary Room Interview: "It feels incredible to have the power to take myself off of the block. I have no idea what will happen after that though." - Jackson Miller




Big Brother VHL - Veto Ceremony




The house guests gather in the living room with Jackson and Niklaus sitting on the block. Jackson stands with the Power of Veto around his neck, explains how the Veto works and that he has to make a decision as to who to use it on...


"I have to choose whether o not to use the Power of Veto, and it was an incredibly easy decision for me. I'll be using the Power of Veto to remove myself from the block. As Head of Household, Tyler, you must name a replacement nominee." - Jackson Miller


"I've decided that I need to take out a strong competitor and while it may not be a popular decision, Ariel, please take a seat on the block." - Tyler Cote





Ariel Weinstein


Weinstein takes a seat next to Niklaus on the block. The house guests all look shocked by Tyler's decision, although some of them are surely acting. Ariel maintains an incredibly calm facial expression, but is clearly surprised and perhaps angry. Tyler heads to the Head of Household room, but lets out a bit of a snicker before he is out of earshot.


Diary Room Interview: "I just.. I don't know what brought this on. Because I won the other HOH competition? Man, I'm gonna have to fight for votes... This just sucks." - Ariel Weinstein


Who will be the first person evicted from the Big Brother VHL house? Will it be Ariel Weinstein or Niklaus Mikaelson? Will whoever stays be able to enact revenge next week? Find out on future episodes of Big Brother VHL!




Footer: All events in the game are done through a simulator. I write the story around those things, so as to not make any decisions on who wins/loses, etc. Any depictions of players are my own and are meant to be fun - if you're offended by something, let me know and I'll do it more. Kidding. 

Edited by Molholt
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Clearly, I'm the Becky of this house. Here's to hoping I get hit in the face with a train or something.


Gotta get some people eliminated so I can go deeper into some of these characters. I realized the first episode was over 3,000 words. I initially wanted to put the whole weeks events together (I probably can when there are less people), but it just could not happen this week, it would've been stupid long.

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Gotta get some people eliminated so I can go deeper into some of these characters. I realized the first episode was over 3,000 words. I initially wanted to put the whole weeks events together (I probably can when there are less people), but it just could not happen this week, it would've been stupid long.


It's no problem, I tried writing a Survivor one of these before and ran into the same problem. As long as I'm not dumped unceremoniously, I'm good.

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