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The Pajodcast Returns


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Will this be a regular thing? No disrespect to all the other podcasters out there, but I always thought this one was the best.

On a scale of 1-10, how much does being a goalie suck?

Will you bring back Jericho?

It's now S46. How has the league changed since S36?

If the VHL and SHL ever merged into one league (ignoring the logistics of it) would you still stick around?

Should grading as we know it be eliminated? Instead, allow all members to claim 6 TPE for their work, and have the "Head Grader"/community spot check work for quality. Would allow for more instant gratification.

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Was this idea for a "reunion" podcast discussed prior to(or is it a consequence of) the Humbert/Shock deal?

As a GM, what has been your highlight or most memorable moment?

As a player?

If you could take back any one deal you made as a GM, what one would it be?



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Would you like some more questions?

If yes, read below....

@Ryan - Could you please elaborate on last weeks comment regarding my posting of only negative comments this season towards you both? I'm not sure if that's indeed fact or was merely an opinion with little merit.

@Both - What was the last thing you ate?

Ryan, what does your new job entail?

@Both - If you 3 did indeed move in together, who would be the first one to leave?

@Chris - Why is "Demi Moore's bush" the correct answer to any Cards Against Humanity round?

@Both - On a scale of 1-10, how hilarious is Jericho? And what does he think he is on that rating scale?

@Both - As this is the penultimate season of myself as a member here, do you still think the concept of the 1 year deal to experience playing with some preferred members here before I go is either selfish or stupid?

@Ryan - Was the decision to delete all my threads from the Express LR a rash decision, or something you deemed necessary?

*Feel free to discard any questions that you feel are not worth your time.

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