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VHLSC: S51 Ranking #3 - Two Horse Race


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This years draft is shaping up to be one of the worst in VHL history and the past two weeks cemented that fact for us here at VHLSC. VHLM GM's need to push their prospects because this past two weeks were the worst develop weeks in VHL history. Between the 12 prospects entering this years VHL Entry Draft, only 26 practice hours were logged collectively. That is an average of just over 2 TPE per prospects and considering only 3 prospects combined for that total; we are in rough shape. We can't recruit for this draft season obviously but the recent discussions and recruitment rewards have limited the initiative for recruitment league wide.


This year is a two-horse race we'd rather you shed light on these two prospects instead of worrying about the ones who have avoided showing up. Read it, then go out and help a prospect. Retainment, Retainment and more Retainment!





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28 minutes ago, CowboyinAmerica said:

At least it'll make the lottery fun, especially for the Americans (#2 spot, but a two-thirds chance of dropping to #3) 

We traded that pick for Digital so it won't bother us.

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2 hours ago, Mr. Power said:

Yeah we as a league should be pretty ashamed of this draft class honestly. Two players next season not withstanding, we have to do much better on recruitment. Hence the new restructuring Draper announced.

"Recruiting doesn't matter and shouldn't be paid very highly" - Previous blue team.

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