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Podcast Return?


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After what felt like years of Devise, Jericho, and Chris otherwise known as the 3 clowns Chrispy, Jerky and Devy doing the longstanding Rift Pajodcast with zero competition, the league has seen a slew of recent podcasts. Kesler attempted one, although it wasn't really audible, Kendrick has returned with Blades of Steel and that looks to be picking up. Even Seth returned and started a podcast. Lastly Greg and Edgar have restarted Between the Pipes, a previous old standing reputable podcast.


Does this put pressure on the Rift Pajodcast to maintain it's strong form? Or some may even argue that the Pajodcast is a joke and only has a reputation because it as been going for so long. Ultimately though the "three clowns" or at the very least Devise chooses to focus on the positive reaction not the blatantly negative. Devise has constantly listened to constructive criticism and adapted the format of the podcast based on other users ideas. But flat out negativity with zero aim towards making the listening experience better is nothing more than petty trolling by petty people. 


At the end of the day the amount of podcasts on the site is a good thing. It is a great format to experiment with and I encourage all members to listen to all of the podcasts out there, sans Keslers. It gives you a great broad spectrum of opinions from some of the elite members on this forum who know a lot about the league. Members like Kendrick, Mike, Edgar, Greg all have a lot to give to this site and being able to get their perspective on things only enhances the league. 

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Titticast coming back soon, J/k it's on hiatus to build suspense. I used to listen to every podcast and now that I have little to no time to listen, there is a whole bunch :( I guess most aren't Pajodcast 2 hours so I might be able to check those out...

Who is Frank?

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We want the Streetcast back.. Nothing screams VHL news like someone whispering about it.


I listened to so many of those back in the day that I was almost brainwashed into testing F/A to go there

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I'm pretty convinced that the Pajodcast has been on a path toward the 3-way territory for quite some time now.


Except for actually league related. 3-Way there was like 4 minutes of league related talk and pretty much everything else was nonsense. Although fun nonsense. But 3-way also never had only 3 people on it. I remember one time it was Noah! (and Pope in the background) Damien, Jericho, Chris, Jason and myself. I can't believe Noah! posted that shit and made a grader listen to the whole damn thing sometimes. 

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