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Damn that's hot. That's two monitors, right? Also, sweet bg


Yessir, two monitors.  The background is Chicago looking west from downtown.  I'm still fiddling with the icons and need to create ones that aren't done already (ie. BF4).  Finding code for web-based media is a deeper subject I'm not ready to play with yet, so for now I'm okay with the pandora widget.

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Must be just me, but I had to copy the link address and paste it into my browser before it loaded. Regardless...MINKA KELLY!!!!!!!

You're welcome. Those socks dooooe

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Any chance you watch the show she's currently in, Almost Human? Also happens to be filmed in Vancouver

No if it is on CTV or canadian TV, I don't watch it. If not I might look into it? I met her once when she was here, off the job too which was cool. She is nice, but I was freaked out cause sometimes you see an actor/actress in a TV Show and it totally blows your mind when they are nothing like that character. (ex. Minka Kelly in Friday Night Lights)

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Care to elaborate? I don't know what i'm supposed to be looking at haha

I just found it funny that Kora has the most basic of all of us and he is the best graphics guy overall I think

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