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S67 WJC USA Roster Selection


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:usa: S67 World Junior Championships USA Roster Selection :usa: 


Hello everyone!


First off I would like to thank those involved with the World Junior Championship for picking me for general manager of Team USA. I haven't been around for very long and they have trusted me with this responsibility which means a lot to me. 


As for the team selection it was a very tough process to narrow it down. Coming off of a gold medal win last year it will definitely be hard to repeat that success but I feel like with this group of players we stand a very good chance. Especially on the defensive side the United States has a very strong crop of young up-and-coming players. Without any further delay this is how the roster will look for our squad.




F - Dan Gles @No_Dangles

F - Zeno Miniti @Zeno

F - Ben Hafkey @ItsMcLovin

F - Devin GHabella @Gabella19

F - Koda Adok @trevmi

F - Brian Strong @Wheaties

F - Erik Draven @Jbeezy76

F - Bud Knight @Dilly Dilly

F - Matteo @tunedtorock




D - Dallas Jones @Da Trifecta

D - Boone Jenton @FakeJenton 

D - Kevin Low @Smarch 

D - Dean Clark @Kyle




G - Joe Nixon @Bonzaijoe

G - Juan Jaundice @Jus


I would like to thank all of the players that attended the camp. 


Here is the invite for the team Discord server: https://discord.gg/VkGe44

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