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DC Historic Run Ended


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Everything was going according to the plan for expansion team of DC Dragons throughout first 12 games - they were cruising along with league best tankathon record of 12-0, few actives on the team were racking up points and prospects were developing down in the VHML. Then the impossible happened that put an end to historic run of new team, their quest to impeccable season of 72 game with same end result. Locker room was even hyped for that and started crafting additional moves and strategies to ensure the end result. But it wasn't meant to happen as you can see in Game Summary, they lost losing quest with end result of 3-2 to contending Calgary Wranglers. Mikko Aaltonen scored all goals, nabbing a hatty, while Piotr Jerwa assisted on all of those 3 and blocked 3 shots, but when we asked him after the game he was really disappointed: Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy with Mikko scoring and myself earning 3 more points moving me up in the leaderboards, but I wish we preserved immaculate year and that 2 of my 3 shots blocked just went through. It's not the end of the world, but now without any historic aim I think this is just going to be ordinary season, not much different from any other I spend playing in VHL.

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3 hours ago, Beketov said:

I do wonder what the lowest amount of wins ever has been. You guys can definitely still make history.


I'm probably close with 4 wins my first season.

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41 minutes ago, Bucky___lastard said:

So it looks like, Legion (S60), Vikings (S57), and Bears (S46) all hold the record for worst season with only 4 wins.


Of those teams, the worst season overall was the S60 Legion with only 9 points.

Someone in the first 19 seasons might have beaten that but I would be incredibly surprised.

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2 hours ago, Quik said:

That’s the season after Snelheid retired, isn’t it? I don’t remember them selling off right after losing Game 7 ?

Yup they went full firesale. That was also my first gens rookie season (goalie on an almost equally shit New York) so I remember it vividly.

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