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  1. but at least turned out well so far with HC on 3 game win-streak
  2. majesiu

    DAV/DCD/SEA; S68

    While I had the NTC I couldn't resist opportunity to be traded for the third time for 1st rounder (which I guess has to be some kind of record) and doing full circle going back to Davos with this rather unusual career timeline, and I even played with Seattle for a season, which adds even more fluff to the deal. It has been great playing for DC this season, but franchise wise they should have more use of 1st and 4th rounders than my old player so why not do them a favor and waive the clause, especially since they have been nothing but stand up organisation. Not sure why Davos wanted my player, but at least it will be opportunity to mend fences after less than ideal break-up seasons ago, let's get into postseason HC!
  3. The least I could do for a team, been a pleasure playing there for the better part of the inaugural season.
  4. Thank you for the kind words, it's probably one of my worst players in sim league world, but still quite enjoyable to have career year like this.
  5. Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans Moscow Menace @ New York Americans Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion
  6. 175 Vancouver Wolves 3 @ Riga Reign 1
  7. 175 Vancouver Wolves @ Riga Reign 176 D.C. Dragons @ New York Americans 177 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 178 Prague Phantoms @ Malmo Nighthawks
  8. 1. We're piling up a few wins now, is this a good or bad thing for the franchise? It ended historic run and I feel no one is expecting us to make postseason so not necessarily good, but it's nice to show we have potential. 2. We've lost our first two matchups against our fellow expansion team in Prague, how do you feel about that? They are main threat in the tankathon race this year so I'm ok with that, I'd rather play spoiler and get wins against contending teams. 3. Your GM recently made a minor move to bring in goaltender Pouta and defenseman Drumm from Vancouver, who won this deal and why? We did obviously, it's nice seeing more people getting accustomed to the team and maybe being part of it going forward. 4. If you had to relocate one team from the EU conference to the NA conference and vice versa, who would you move and where would you move them? Davos from EU and New York from NA - just swap their locations for kicks off that - HC New York and Davos Americans sounds about right. 5. Does your player have a pregame routine? Nope, he is barely on time for game start and never has time for it. 6. How do you feel about your player's VHL/VHLM season so far So far so good, racking up those assists and being Top 3 Defenceman so far.
  9. +6
  10. Also lmfao at notion of rigging in STHS based on ridiculous results - this sim is potato incarnated, that doesn't make any sense most of the time, which isn't necessarily that bad of a thing, since you can't easily predict the season outcome from the get-go.