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  1. 1. One team in each division is guaranteed playoffs. Ours is a pretty weak one. Out of D.C., Toronto, and New York, who makes playoffs? Does more than one of us? I'd love to se us and New York making it, time for guard change in the division. 2. Prague is off to a quick start, similar to Malmo in their second season. Where will they finish in the standings? Similarly I'd rather have Prague quickly rise from expansion team to contender, but it seems unlikely, I have them near the bottom and Malmo seems strong enough to finish at the top. 3. Would you rather spread scoring out across a top six F core or load up a single line? Depends on the personnel, if we have just 3 actives then by all means give all the best minutes to the top line, if there are more though time to share the spoils. 4. Right now, backups are required to play 8 games per year. With more human backups coming into the league, should this number be raised at all? It's weird and complicated rule already and without much sim transparency (e.g. no streaming, done only in background) I'd rather have it abolished altogether. 5. How do you approach contract negotiations? I try to give everybody a shot, but slowly getting to the phase in sim leagues where I no longer wait for too long and when I'm happy with the offer I just accept. 6. How would you approach draft interviews if you were a GM? I did it once and it's not for me, tried talking with every draftee about their plans, activity, other league history, but it's far too burning out given time zone difference.
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  3. I mean that's not a big mystery, all teams made same offers (2y/7M total with NTC) & had similar aspirations for next season. Simply I really enjoyed my time in DC and was happy to go back there to finish my welfare career on an expansion team, also I don't put as much time into Free Agency as I used to, so when I was content with the offer & decision I signed without further hesitation. Shame to see Davos crumble, I wasn't even sure of how many Free Agents there were and how much HC was depending on them returning.
  4. 1. Who is your early prediction to win the S69 Continental Cup? Us, duh 2. Which of Tagger and Beketov do you see going 1st overall in S70? Or is there someone else who will come out of left field and take it? I guess Beketov since he is commish 3. Drafts are starting to get weaker again after the heyday of the 60s, do you have any ideas on where we could find new members? Affiliations with other leagues? While I understand it's hot topic after recent SBA debacle, that's one avenue that universally helped all leagues all-around 4. Does DCD win more or less than 20 games this year (our total from S68)? Of course! Everyone improved (even myself despite regression), we also gelled and should perform better together. 5. Was Aaltonen's S68 campaign a one-off or will he get even better with a better supporting cast this year? He is just getting started and with similar minutes and better supporting cast he should be awards contender. 6. In what season do you see us making the playoffs for the first time? That's a tough one, I hope next year while I'd still be useful, since by S71 in last year I doubt 2nd line minutes will be achievable
  5. Thanks to the few teams that expressed interested, but fondness of my stint with Dragons last season was enough to make it most enticing landing spot.
  6. majesiu

    S68 VHL Awards

    Damn, I hoped for 2nd team slightly, but yeah, those 4 were clearly better after checking it
  7. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears Game 4 -Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears Game 5 - Seattle Bears @ Malmo Nighthawks Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Seattle Bears @ Malmo Nighthawks - Malmo Nighthawks 4-3 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Matt Thompson Series leader in goals: Matt Thompson Series leader in assists: Ryan Sullivan Jr Who has the series PIM lead: Matt Thompson Who scores the series winning goal: John Frostbeard