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How does a Robbie say goodbye? [2/2]


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While I was reading @Gooningitup player/forum retirement yesterday I started thinking how do I want mine to sound like. While I am not leaving the forum for same personal reasons that he is, I am leaving because of boredom and that I am way too busy to come on here and find this "fun" anymore. I have grown tired of this thing that we call a league. So now that I have said that, I have to start think about the perfect speech to say goodbye in but also one last fuck you in. Love antics or hate them, you all know that my retirement speech will be one for the ages. One that people will try to match. It will not just be one paragraph, I will stretch it out for weeks, months and up two the last two seasons that I am here. But what will it look like? what will it sound like? I have a few options. 



Yes I can look back at my many years here and be like hey remember that time I fucked up NY because I was bored. Wasn't that fun? or remember that time I attacked that one guy because of boredom and it just exploded into a hundred page thread? Those were the good ole days. I would also look back on the people around here that I got along with and I would say kind words about them and such. You know that touchy feely shit that some of you eat up with a spoon. Hell I could go the other extreme route and say one last fuck you to some of the morons around here that I don't like. You know a "One last kick at the can" so to speak. Then I would leave the the last sentence to be some inspirational quote about fucking around and having fun.


Robbie Option

Yes I have a option named after me. What is the Robbie option Robbie? Well if you have to ask that then you really don't know me and my antics. The Robbie option will have some looking back at the shit I did, but not looking back and being sad. But looking back and being proud of the suspensions, bans and general shit that I caused. I would touch upon the people that I loved to annoy and pick on because their reactions were priceless in my eyes. The more I argued with them the more I enjoyed it. This is the most Robbie way I could go out and it's the option most people would assume that I would pick.



Actually one of my favorite options to be honest. The whole "launching" one last massive attack on the league that would get me banned for life. It actually seems like something I would do and back in my hay days I would have enjoyed doing it. So why not go back to those days on my last ever day? Wouldn't that make sense? I think so. It would be fun for me and fun for you. The people that I was not attacking. But the people that I would (You already know who you are) Well... You people would beg and cry for me to get banned. Which would be giving me exactly what I wanted and needed. So in the end the league does not win I do. So in this option I get one last victory over the league and the people I like to torment.


Fuckery Concoction

Yes a concoction of all my options. I would most likely be nice in the very beginning of the speech and talk about nice things that I remember. Hell I would still bring up the NY fuckery (Short bus) and Killer Vegas (Being fired after slaughtering the league) because in mind those were good things but some of you people (The stupid ones) you may think those things were bad and you would say I am just gloating. Oh fucking well. It's my retirement speech and not yours. After I looked back with a nice eye, I would get all Robbie and laugh about things I used to do and things I would say. Yes this is where I would remember all things that would piss people off because well that was me. The way I want to be remembered. As the asshole that just liked to stir up shit. Then finally in the very last few pages of my speech I would just go for the jugular and just attack everyone that I don't like. In one massive attack, that would get me banned the second that the baby in Calgary read it would cry about it and then I would be gone for good. Not that I would want to return. Me getting banned would be my end goal so, getting banned would give me what I want and thus giving me the victory over you and your poor little soul. I would never return. So you would never be able to try to beat me. I would own you and you would have to go to a shrink to talk about it in years. While I would forget about you the second I get banned. I think the Concoction might actually be the best option for me since it seems like it's the most fun. 



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Good luck on the rest of your life. Formatting was good but not incredible. I think that you should've maybe made each title larger with some bold and and underline. Besides that, I think it was a fun read! I feel like I learned a lot about your antics in the past.

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to How does a Robbie say goodbye? [2/2]
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