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What do you mean what would I do? I would pay the money to drive to another city. Hell if there was scotch only available in another province or another country at that I would god damn pay to fly over to get it. That is how committed I am at hating malls. Fucking malls. FUCKING MALLS. Of course this is the topic you choose to troll about. Of course you petty son of a bitch.


I suppose another strategy would be to just simply pay someone to go into the mall to go get scotch. Or I could make it myself. I never thought of that. The big issue would be to get quality stuff I'd have to wait and age it for several years. Damn. That would be a long time to wait for scotch, even good scotch.


Anyway Jericho this troll attempt is a fail. You think yo have one upped me but you haven't. All you have done is made me contemplate how much more difficult my life would be if all the stuff I cared about was in malls. Fucking malls. How about this for a reverse Trollicho. Why do you like Mall so god damn much? 

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